Rome: Total War gets a release date for the iPad

It has been almost three months since Feral Interactive announced that the 2004 hit PC game, Rome: Total War, would be coming to the iPad, but fans can finally relax because today the strategy game has received an official release date. The real time Roman battles will begin on the iPad starting on Thursday, November 10th.

New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: DC Legends and more

Warner Bros. this week released its answer to Marvel's Contest of Champions to the App Store. DC Legends is a strategy role-playing game that pits both DC heroes and villains against the mutual threat Nekron. Players can build a team of their favorite DC characters while fighting Nekron and the Manhunters across iconic DC locations, like Metropolis. DC Legends is now available for free on the Apple App Store.

Square Enix released a teaser trailer for Final Fantasy Legends 2 aka Final Fantasy Dimensions 2. The trailer describes the new game as a rebirth for the series, but that's about it. Little is known about the upcoming title, such as if it will get a US release and how much it will cost.

Warner Bros. launches DC Legends to the App Store

Warner Bros. has released a new strategy role-playing game for iOS devices. DC Legends pits both heroes and villains from the DC universe against Nekron -- an embodiment of Death from the Green Lantern comic book series.

In the game players can collect both super heroes and villains to form their own unique version of the Justice League or Lantern Corp. The game includes unlikely allies from the DC universe, such as Green Arrow, Doomsday, Wonder Woman, Dr. Fate, and Harley Quinn. The trailer, posted above, also shows off Flash, Raven, Huntress, Solomon Grundy and bunch of power-ups, cool weapons and more.

FlowPlay launches first fantasy football collectible card game

Dynasty Fantasy Football

Collectible card games have found a second life on mobile devices. The success of titles like Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and Card Wars - Adventure Time have caused almost everything to be turned into a CCG. The WWE did it with 2K games for WWE SuperCard and Fox has teamed up with Kongregate to release Animation Throwdown, based on all their popular television shows not called The Simpsons.

The success of these titles on mobile devices is why FlowPlay has decided to combined fantasy football with the CCG genre. Dynasty Fantasy Football is currently an online only fantasy football collectible card game coming soon to iOS and Android.

iOS 10.2 public beta now available

iOS 10.2 Screen Effect

One week after publicly rolling out iOS 10.1 to iPad and iPhone owners, Apple has released the first public beta for iOS 10.2. The second major update is now available to anyone who has signed up for Apple's beta testing program. You can download the first beta of iOS 10.2 by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update, on any supported device.

New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: Civilization VI and more

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI was released for Mac via Steam just in time for Apple's MacBook Pro refresh. The new MacBook Pro won't be available for a few weeks, but you can pre-order it starting today through Aspyr also announced this week that it is working on a Mac Store version of the strategy game, in case you don't have a Steam account.

Lots of games have received Halloween updates this week, including Hitman: Sniper, PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator and King Rabbit. Most of these updates are only available for a limited time, so make sure you download or upgrade them today. For more Halloween apps and app updates, visit out sister site's yearly Halloween tag.

How to live stream Apple's “hello again” event on your iPad, iPhone or Apple TV

Apple hello again 2016

Like all previous events, Apple will live stream its "hello again" keynote online, but you won't be able to watch on just any device or browser. Apple limits its live streams to its own services, such as Safari, on iOS and Mac products. Here are the requirements for streaming today's event.

  • iPad: iOS 7.0 or later with Safari
  • iPod touch or iPhone: iOS 7.0 or later with Safari
  • Mac or MacBook: OS X 10.8.5 or later with Safari 6.0.5 or later
  • PC: Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge web browser
  • Apple TV: 2nd or 3rd generation with software 6.2 or later or an Apple TV (4th generation) running any version of tvOS. 4th generation owners may have to download the live event app.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI now available for Mac, coming soon to Mac Store

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Aspyr released Sid Meier’s Civilization VI for the Mac on Monday -- just three days after its October 21 PC launch. The game is listed as "coming soon" to the Mac Store and it is currently only available through Steam.

Like previous Civilization titles, players can create their own empire, and compete against other great leaders to build the best civilization in the history of the world. The sequel offers a variety of new ways to interact with your world and build your empire. New features include expansive empires with cities spanning multiple tiles, the ability to embed support units with other units, enhanced multiplayer and more

iOS 10.1 with iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Camera now available [changelog]

iOS 10.1 Changelog

Apple has released its first major update to iOS 10 after releasing several minor updates with bug fixes. iOS 10.1 is mostly about the iPhone 7 Plus and its Portrait Camera mode. The new Portrait mode allows iPhone 7 Plus users to utilize the device's wide-angle and telephoto lenses to create a "bokeh" effect, or blurred backgrounds.

The update includes new Maps features, various bug fixes, and the ability to replay Message effects. Apple has also added an option to utilize Message effects when the Reduce Motion is enabled. You can disable the replay option by disabling the Auto-play Message Effects slider in Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Motion.

New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: Halloween Edition

Sister Location

If you have been hoping to play the Five Nights at Freddy's spin-off, Sister Location, for Halloween you may have to wait until November. Developer Scott Cawthon has delayed the official version of the game due to its mature content. However, fans who do not want to wait can download an unofficial version of the game in chapters.

After receiving criticism for delaying the game, Cawthon decided to release a mature version of Sister Location to Game Jolt. The mature version of the game does not continue the story of Five Nights, and it is not recommended for fans who enjoy following the official canon of the series.


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