iPotty on Sale for a Limited Time [Deals]

Are you looking for the ultimate gag gift? CTA Digital's iPotty has popped up on Amazon's Limited-Time Deals of the Day, and shockingly it is kind of selling fast. 66% of the available stock has already been claimed with over an hour left before the deal expires. Who knew the iPotty would be so popular!

iPotty Sale

Earlier this year numerous tech blogs voted the iPotty as the most useless product at CES 2013. It is a plastic potty training seat that includes an adjustable iPad stand for entertaining toddlers while they learn to make boom boom on the toilet. The iPotty also features a removable touchscreen splash guard, a removable inner bowl for easy cleanup, and it can be even be converted into an activity seat.

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Walking Dead: The Game - Season 2 is Now Available to Download

The second season of Telltale's The Walking Dead video game is now available for iOS devices, desktops running Microsoft Windows or OS X, and on Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network. iPod touch, iPhone and iPad owners can download the first chapter "All That Remains" from the App Store for $4.99. Mac and PC owners can download an online game code from Amazon.com or via Steam.

Walking Dead: The Game - Season 2

The sequel to the hit game based on AMC's television adaptation of Robert Kirkman's graphic novel, follows a young orphan named Clementine who is trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Just like the original, players must make gruesome decisions that affect the outcome of the game.

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Original Tomb Raider Only $0.99 on the App Store

The original Tomb Raider is now available on the Apple App Store for only $0.99. That's right, iOS users can now relive Lara Croft's first adventures right on their iPad or iPhone. Developer Square Enix promises nothing has changed, and that the iOS version is "the full, unedited, unadulterated experience from the classic release."

Tomb Raider iOS

The original Tomb Raider helped make the original Sony PlayStation a huge hit in the 1990s, and it also launched one of those most iconic video game characters of all time. The Tomb Raider franchise not only includes several popular video games, but it was also a movie starring Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft.

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RadioShack Giving Away $100 Gift Card With Purchase of iPad mini [Deals]

RadioShack is offering a $100 gift card with the purchase of a first-generation iPad mini. The promotion only applies to 16GB Wi-Fi models and is only available in stores. RadioShack did not give a specific date for the end of the promotion, but did say it is available for a "limited time this holiday season." This suggests the promotion will probably end around the 24th or 25th of December, unless the retailer decides to extend it.

iPad mini Deals

RadioShack is also offering up to $350 towards the purchase of a new tablet when you trade in an eligible iPad through its Trade & Save program. However, as we demonstrated before, most retailer trade in programs offer a lot less money for used Apple products than companies like Nextworth.com or Gazelle.com. Not to mention these companies offer cash, so you're not stuck with another store-branded gift card when you sell your used device.

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Cut the Rope 2 Gets an Official Release Date

Russian developer ZeptoLab announced today that Cut the Rope 2 will be available next Thursday, December 19. The sequel to the popular puzzle game will feature Om Nom plus some new characters named the Nommies. Each Nommie has a "signature environment of its own that defines its appearance and special abilities," according to iDownloadblog who got an early look at the game.

Players must use each Nommie's special ability to help Om Nom retrieve his candy from some mischievous spiders while collecting as many stars as they can on the way. The game also allows users to interact with Om Nom by moving him around the screen for the very first time.

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First Official Stephen Hawking's App Released for the iPad

Random House Digital has released the first official Stephen Hawking's app to the App Store. Stephen Hawking's Snapshots of the Universe is an educational app that teaches "the basic theories that govern our lives on Earth as well as the movement of the stars and planets," according to the official description. The description also states the app is for both "adults and students," but it looks more suited for children.

Stephen Hawking's Snapshots of the Universe

The app answers the question "how does the universe work?" in eight interactive experiments. Each experiment features a "deeper-dive" text section and video segments to provide a better explanation of each theory. The app also answers other questions such as why planets stay in orbit around stars, why black holes may not actually be black and so on...

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LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Lands on the App Store

Hot on the heels of an important Star Wars: Tiny Death Star update, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga has landed at the Apple App Store. The new iOS game features LEGO versions of all the Star War episodes starting with The Phantom Menace. Episode one is free to download, and Episodes II – VI are available as in-app purchases. You can purchase the complete saga for $15, or each episode individually for around $3 each.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is a port of the console versions of the games released by the Lego Group in 2005. The iOS version features 36 story mode levels, bonus content, over 120 characters, and both "Classic" and “Touch Screen” controls. The game requires 1.44GB of available space if you download it directly to your device, but only 735MB of space if you download it to your computer and then sync.

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How to Unlock All the Scenes in Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star has received a special holiday update which makes it easier to unlock all the hidden "Scenes" in your Album. Version 1.2 of the game allows you to deliver bitizens with a question mark to any level. This is great because you can now try to match the correct Star Wars character to the right level to unlock all the scenes. For example, delivering Boba Fett to the Cloud City Spa will unlock the Hans Solo carbonite scene.

Star Wars Tiny Death Star

This feature was just released today, so I haven't had the time to unlock all of the scenes, but I will update this page as I figure out each one. Also feel free to pitch in and tell us who unlocks what scene or any other tips in the comments section below. This way we can make a complete list to help other players who are stuck. Thanks in advance!

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Fleksy Aims to Improve Your iOS Keyboard Experience

The stock iOS keyboard has come a long way since the original iPhone launched in 2007. Apple's constant improvements, such as adding a cut and paste option, has all but eliminated the need for any third-party options. But a San Francisco-based company wants to change all that. Fleksy founder Ioannis Verdelis sat down with The Verge to explain why his keyboard should be the go to option for iOS app developers.

Flesky Keyboard

The company has begun rolling out a developer's kit that allows app creators to insert the Fleksy keyboard into their code. Fleksy's creators claim that the keyboard is so easy to use, that users will be able to type without looking at their devices, just like when working on a traditional QWERTY keyboard. The software uses gesture and touch typing to improve writing on mobile devices. For example, users can use swiping and sliding gestures to create spaces between words, and have the keyboard auto complete words before they are finished typing.

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Angry Birds Go Now Available for the iPad and iPhone

Rovio Entertainment's new free to play Angry Birds title is now available on the App Store. Angry Birds Go! is a soapbox racing game which features all your favorite Angry Birds characters such as Red, Stella, Moustache Pig and more.

Angry Birds Go!

The game takes place on Piggy Island and allows you to build and race over 50 soapbox cars on various racetracks. Players can choose to use touch-based or tilt-based controls to steer their kart, and select between three difficulty levels for all the different stages. The game features many game modes from basic races to Fruit Splat, and it is very easy to play. The game also doesn't require any previous knowledge of the Angry Bird franchise to enjoy.

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