Apple Ships the iPad, Early Arrival Speculation Begins

After many early iPad pre-orders were updated several days ago to indicate that they were prepared for shipment, Apple has actually begun shipping those orders. Many eager iPad owners-to-be were happily greeted by an Apple shipping notification, such as the one shown in the image below, sitting in their inbox.

ipad shipment notification

Somewhat interestingly, despite most outlets previously assuming it would be FedEx handling the Saturday deliveries of Apple's long awaited tablet, early reports from consumers indicate that UPS is handling the initial shipment of iPads. Despite some customer concerns that UPS does not deliver on Saturday, the UPS website clearly states "For time-critical shipments, UPS offers the convenience of Saturday Delivery."

Best Buy to Release Limited iPad Inventory on April 3 at 9 AM

Looking to avoid lines at the Apple Store on April 3rd? Apple has confirmed that Best Buy will carry all three Wi-Fi only models in "most" of its stores starting at 9 am. Unfortunately, TUAW found out that inventory will be limited to only 15 units per store, with each model equally represented in stock. This means that only 5 of each iPad will be available at each store.

ipad best buy april 3

The 9 am release time means that Best Buy stores will not open early for the event. Best Buy's website has no mention of the iPad as of this writing and the device will not be available for online ordering from the company at this time. As for which Best Buy stores will actually have 15 iPads in stock, those labeled as Apple Solutions Consultants (ASC) and “Apple Shops” will have the device and accessories.

Apple Pushes Back Ship Date For New Pre-orders

Apple's online store has been updated to show that iPad pre-orders placed from now on will not be shipped on April 3rd. The new shipping date is April 12th for Wi-Fi only models, and remains late April for Wi-Fi + 3G iPads.

Apple iPad pre order

The company has not announced sales figures, although several estimates have put the number anywhere between 250 and 500 thousand units. iPads that are pre-ordered from now on will not be available for in-store pickup, suggesting that Apple has sold out of its first batch of devices.

Apple Showing iPad Pre-Orders as 'Prepared for Shipment'

Many customers who pre-ordered an iPad for delivery on launch day are now seeing updates to their iPad order status. WiFi only iPad models, in many cases, have had their status updated to 'Prepared for Shipment' (see screen shot below). Knowing their brand new iPad is boxed up and ready to go, simply awaiting dispatch, will certainly make already impatient iPad buyers even more itchy for next Saturday's shipment to arrive.

ipad prepared for shipment

Although it may not come as a surprise given earlier reports of expected delays with the shipment of Apple's iPad accessories, customers who also purchased iPad accessories at the time their iPad pre-order was completed have yet to see their accessories updated to prepared for shipment status.

It is important to note that not all iPad pre-orders have been updated to the new status. Apple is obviously

Apple Buys iPad Trademark from Fujitsu

Apple now officially owns the trademark for the term "iPad". A recent article on details the transfer of the iPad trademark, which was first registered in 2003 by Fujitsu, to Apple Inc. (AAPL).

ipad trademark now apples

Fujitsu originally registered the trademark for its now-defunct iPad device, a hand held computer that was used by retailers for inventory and check-out purposes.

Initial expectations that Apple would challenge the iPad trademark were confirmed when Apple initiated opposition proceedings last year. However, according to the article, these proceedings never progressed and left Apple only to file extensions on their proceedings, with Apple filing its last extension in December of last year.

Launch Apps Show Up in iPad App Store, Prices High

Another report out of MacRumors today reveals that iPad applications that will be available to iPad owners on release day have begun showing up in the iPad App Store. Though the article makes no mention of how MacRumors was able to access the App Store, it provides some notable details on what is currently available.

ipad app store

Perhaps interestingly, of the current top eight iPad applications (by revenue), all are games. Of course, it is completely unclear how many of the lucky few with an advance iPad are out there, so these statistics could be completely meaningless.

iPad at Best Buy on April 3rd, 3G iPad May Demo Early

Reports indicate that mega-retailer Best Buy has begun training employees for the April 3rd launch of the Apple iPad. Although it was noted some time ago that Best Buy would be carrying the Apple iPad, since then reports have been conflicting regarding whether the iPad would be at Best Buy on launch day or if the non-Apple store retailers would have to wait until after the initial launch period to begin selling the long-awaited tablet.

ipad best buy april 3

Best Buy has announced that it has no plans to open stores early on April 3rd, as it expects that doing so would result in additional expenses with comparably little financial benefit. Display and promotional materials for the iPad are expected to arrive at Best Buy locations early next week.

iPad iBooks to Launch with 30,000 Free Books

A report today from brought welcome news to anyone interested in reading eBooks on the iPad. With their privileged peek at the iPad's iBookstore, was able to spot that Apple has included the entire Project Gutenburg library of eBooks. This means over 30,000 free books will be available for download through iBooks. Yep, 30,000 free books.

ibooks project gutenburg

For those of you that aren't already familiar with Project Gutenburg, it is the largest online collection of free eBooks. The project was founded by the inventor of eBooks, Michael Hart. Project Gutenburg is volunter supported, and continues to grow.

The following list of the project's top 10 eBooks over the last 30 days provides just a few examples of the sort of literature available through Project Gutenburg:

iPad Version of Wall Street Journal More than Doubles the Cost?

If a rumor reported today by the Wall Street Journal itself turns out to be accurate, customers who want to read the Wall Street Journal on their iPad will have to pay more than double the cost subscribing to the Journal's current online web version. According to the WSJ's Shira Ovide And Suzanne Vranica, the Journal plans to charge iPad subscribers $17.99 per month, which is significantly higher than the aforementioned web subscription.

wall street journal

Sent from my iPad: Email From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has been spending more time lately replying directly to user inquiries, and he's been sending quite a few messages using his iPad. Here's a summary of six recent questions that have gone public with answers from the Apple CEO himself. The first three were followed by the signature line, "Sent from my iPad."

1. Andrea wanted to know whether or not she could sync her collection of free ePub books to the iPad using iTunes. Steve replied, "Yep."


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