Sent from my iPad: Email From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has been spending more time lately replying directly to user inquiries, and he's been sending quite a few messages using his iPad. Here's a summary of six recent questions that have gone public with answers from the Apple CEO himself. The first three were followed by the signature line, "Sent from my iPad."

1. Andrea wanted to know whether or not she could sync her collection of free ePub books to the iPad using iTunes. Steve replied, "Yep."

iPad Subscription TV Plans Postponed by Apple

According to a report in today's Wall Street Journal, Apple has put on hold plans to offer subscriptions to television shows via iTunes on the soon to be released iPad. Though the plans for subscription television via iTunes are not necessarily being shelved permanently, they are reportedly on hold pending more successful negotiations with television executives.

ipad itunes

With the iPad release date nearing, Apple had reportedly been trying to strike a deal for the subscription model with network executives. However, Apple and the networks have been unable to come to terms, largely because of alleged concerns by the networks that such a model could potentially endanger

Meet iPad Ad Takes the Web by Storm

Apple has gone viral with the iPad commercial it first released during the Oscars with over 2.4 million views on the web in one week. The advertisement, titled "Meet iPad" was distributed via Apple's YouTube channel and across the web in over 100 places.

Apple normally only releases videos on its website, but it comes as no surprise that Meet iPad has become the second-most watched spot on the web. By opening the format up Apple has insured that people will share the spot and comment on the video ahead of the iPad ship date of April 3. Meet iPad is now the second-most popular video on the web.


Major Sites Ditching Flash for Apple iPad

Many magazines and content providers on the web are expected to create their own iPad applications, and several of these same companies have already developed iPhone apps. The winds of change are on the web however, and several major websites have started to develop full fledged Flash-free versions of their content specifically for the iPad's web browser.

Apple iPad Adobe Flash

Companies including Virgin America, National Public Radio (NPR) and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) have already jumped on the Flash-free bandwagon, at least for an iPad-only landing page. Industry watchers expect more media organizations could follow suit in the coming weeks before iPad launch.

Apple iPad Sales Already Beating iPhone and Kindle?

Reports have leaked that Apple's iPad pre-order and reservation count is on track to surpass the number of original iPhones sold in the first three months of release. The Wall Street Journal claims sources have told them "hundreds of thousands of units" have already been reserved or sold. Analysts have predicted that Apple could sell one million iPads by mid-April.

If the numbers are correct, this makes the iPad the most successful electronic reader ever launched. Amazon's Kindle took months to sell an equivalent number of units. Apple, meanwhile is furiously negotiating deals with publishers of magazines, newspapers and textbooks as well as proposing to reduce prices on TV shows in iTunes to 99 cents.

Amazon Kindle Released for Mac: iPad App Coming Soon

A year after the release of its Kindle iPhone application, Amazon has announced a beta version of Kindle reader for Mac OS X. The company also said an iPad app of its popular e-reader software is on the horizon, allowing Kindle subscribers to access their library on Apple's tablet.

Apple iPad Kindle app

With over 450,000 books, including most New York Times Bestsellers, Kindle is poised to compete head-on with Apple's own iPad application, iBooks. iBooks will provide access to the iBookstore, Apple's answer to the digital library concept. Other iPad reading apps are also on the way such as the Barnes and Noble eReader.

Will the iPad Push AAPL Over $300 Per Share?

You'd be hard pressed to find anyone to argue with the notion that Apple as a company and in turn, AAPL stock, has been on a steady road of success and good fortune. AAPL, which has more than doubled in value, is currently trading at around $227 per share. Many analysts rate the stock's value well above $250 per share. With the iPad ready to hit shelves in just a few weeks, will another potentially successful product push Apple stock over the $300 mark?


As mentioned above, it isn't uncommon to find analysts rating Apple stock well above $250. Some recent analyst values include: Piper Jaffray ($284), Broadpoint AmTech ($280), Kaufman Brothers ($253) and Deutsche Bank and Canaccord Adams ($250).

As a recent article points out, however, those projected values are based on

Some Apple iPad Accessories Shipping Late

Unfortunately for those who have pre-ordered an iPad, some of Apple's accessories will not be ready to ship on April 3rd. As of yet, the Camera Connection Kit ($29) has not even been listed on Apple's online store.

Apple iPad Accessories

Accessories shipping late include the iPad Case, Keyboard Dock, and 10W USB Power Adapter. The iPad Case costs $39 and will not ship from Apple's online store until mid-April.

iPad File Sharing: A Closer Look

One of the most requested features on the iPhone was the ability to natively share files between the iPhone and a USB or wirelessly connected PC or other device. Third party applications such as AirSharing and DropCopy have arisen to fill this void, but as useful as they are they don't offer the same flexibilty that a full OS integrated filesystem or file sharing system would provide.

ipad file sharing

Considering Apple's targeting of more complicated tasks, such as word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation development with iWork, it should comes as little surprise that Apple has decided to handle things differently with the iPad.

Apple Details iPad Battery Replacement Procedure

In somewhat oddly preemptive fashion, Apple has released a support document on its website detailing the process for battery replacement on the Apple iPad. The crux of this document is that, unlike with the iPhone, iPad owners who have batteries that have a diminished capacity, fail to hold a charge, or are otherwise defective will have their entire iPad replaced instead of Apple servicing the unit and replacing the battery itself.

ipad battery replacement

The cost for this replacement service is $99 + $6.95 shipping, for a total cost of $105.95 per iPad. Service can be arranged through


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