Wall Street Bullish on Apple iPad

Analysts have made it clear they expect Apple's iPad to be another hit. Expecting sales of between 1-5 million in the first year, investors are looking towards iPad software development to further drive sales in the future.

Similar to the iPhone launch in 2007, initial reactions from the gadget watchers has been mixed. In retrospect, the iPhone exceeded everyone's expectations and revolutionized the smartphone market.

Steve Jobs Announces the Apple iPad

Steve Jobs announced a brand new product at Apple's special event today in San Francisco. The long-anticipated tablet is named the iPad and is designed to fill the gap between smartphones and notebook computers.

Apple iPad Steve Jobs

Jobs described the iPad as magical and revolutionary as he explained how and why the device will change the world of mobile computing. iPad is designed to be better for browsing, email, photos, video, music, games and ebooks than any other device.



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