Mojang Announces Scrolls Tablet Version is in the Works

Mojang has teamed up with mobile game developer Ludosity to port its card battling game Scrolls to tablet devices. Details about the tablet version of the game are slim, but Mojang has promised more news is coming soon. Mojang also announced that it is working on a few new features such as a new ranking system and a new tutorial to make the game more accessible to beginners.

Mojang Scrolls for the iPad

Scrolls is currently in beta, but should be available to more players soon. The game looks a lot like Wizard of the Coast's popular Magic: The Gathering collectible card game. In the game, players use various spells, creatures and ancient machines to battle their opponents. A battle is won when one player destroys three of their opponent's idols.

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IFTTT Now Available for iPad

After launching its initial iPhone app last July, the popular IFTTT app (If This, Then That; pronounced like lift without the L) has been updated and released for the iPad. Aside from introducing the app to the iPad, today's update also added iOS Notifications to IFTTT's collection of supported channels.


For those of you not familiar with IFTTT, it is a clever app that basically lets you create connections between your other apps via "recipes." Think of the recipe as the statement "If this, then that." The "this" part of the statement is known as the trigger, while the "that" part is the action. A simple example recipe: if I take a photo, email it to me (or somebody else). If you set this up, every time you take a photo it will

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Kodak Releases Free iPad App to Create Personalized Photo Books

Kodak is back with a new app for the iPad after officially exiting bankruptcy and filing a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in 2012. The app allows users to "create custom, high-quality photo books, prints, and enlargements," according to the official App Store description.

iPad iOS 7 Settings

Users can create their own photo books by using images from their camera roll, Facebook, Instagram or Flickr accounts, and they can choose from variety of templates and design backgrounds to customize their photo book experience. The app features an easy to use drag-and-drop interface, and Kodak's SmartFit technology which automatically re-sizes images so there is no need need to crop anything out of a photo. Other features include Kodak's Perfect Touch Enhancement technology for cleaning up images, and the ability create soft or hard cover photo books that can then be picked up at Target or Bartell Drugs retail locations.

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iPad Battery Saving Tips for iOS 7.1

With every new iOS release comes new complaints about battery drain, but it is hard to know if any of these accusations are actually true. However, iOS 7 and 7.1 do include a lot of unnecessary features that do drain your battery. Here's a few iOS 7.1 features you can disable to get more life out of your iPad or iPhone.

iPad iOS 7 Settings

Turn off Background App Refresh, Auto Downloads and iOS 7 Parallax Effect

iOS 7 introduced a lot of new and interesting features, but a lot of these are a huge drain on your battery and not important to some users. You can start saving battery power by disabling Background App Refresh. This feature allows some apps to refresh their content while running in the background. This does require battery power and can be one of the reasons why your device seems always seems to be low.

You can disable this feature by navigating to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and then tap the slider so it turns white or OFF. You can also selectively turn off certain apps from this panel while allowing other to continue searching for updates. This will also reduce the strain on your battery since your device will be searching for less updates.

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Fantastical 2 is now Available for the iPad (and it's 33% off too)

Flexibits designers Michael Simmons and Kent Sutherland have improved upon their award winning calendar app Fantastical, and released Fantastical 2 for the iPad. It was just launched today and it will be available at a 33% discount for a limited time.

Fantastical 2 calendar

While the majority of calendar apps either look like regular calendars that let you enter items in the daily boxes, or have a "list view" format like the built-in iOS calendar, Fantastical 2 offers a "dashboard view" of your events, to do's, and reminders. According to The Verge, Simmons believes "Calendar's traditional month view has been done. There's already an app for that... The whole point was to change and be innovative. The goal of Fantastical is to make a different calendar app." Fantastical 2's dashboard has

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Comedy Central Releases Free Streaming App for All Its Popular Content

Comedy Central has a lot of apps, but each app is normally dedicated to one show like The Daily Show or Colbert Report. Now fans can access all their favorite CC episodes on one app thanks to Comedy Central's latest release for iOS devices.

Comedy Central

The Comedy Central app offers new episodes of shows such as South Park one day after they air on television. Users without a cable subscription can access the app's original digital shorts, while cable subscribers can view full seasons of their favorite series. Here's a complete list of available shows on the Comedy Central app:

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Four Tips to Get the Most Out of Flipboard

Flipboard is a great way to get your daily news and social-network updates in the same place. The iOS app features an easy to use aggregated magazine-format that keeps you updated on a plethora of topics. The app also offers the ability to easily share news stories, videos and images, and it allows users to create their own collections of content to read later. Here's how to get the most out of Flipboard on your iOS device:

Flipboard Tips

Create your own "Magazine"

Flipboard version 2.0 added the ability to create "Magazines". Magazines are just a folder where you can store your favorite articles under your own created categories. To create a "Magazine," just tap the + button at the bottom of any article and then tap the blank "Create Magazine" box. You can then add your own Magazine title, description, category and choose to share it with your friends or to keep it private. This is a great tool for saving articles that you want to read later.

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Faster Than Light Advanced Edition Coming to the iPad on April 3rd

The popular PC and Mac title FTL: Faster Than Light is being released for the iPad. The game will feature touch-based controls, and it will include all of the new additions of the FTL: Advanced Edition expansion.

FTL is a real-time spaceship simulation where players must control every aspect of their ship and crew. The game also features choose your own adventure-like elements, and it is known for its level of difficulty.

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Microsoft Office Apps Finally Available for the iPad

Some of the most anticipated iPad apps have finally landed on the App Store. Satya Nadella, announced that Microsoft Office would be available for the iPad at his first public appearance since he became Microsoft’s new CEO. The announcement was made this morning during Microsoft's cloud and mobile strategy press conference in San Francisco. The new trio of apps include Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Word for iPad

Each app is free to download but you will need an Office 365 subscription to create and edit documents within the app. A yearly subscription to Microsoft’s Office 365 service starts at $70. However, iPad owners can use the apps to view Office documents such as spreadsheets for free. This is important because Office documents can sometimes become unreadable when created on a PC and viewed on an iPad using alternative methods.

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Save 20% on an iPad mini or 10% on an iPad Air: Cartwheel by Target

Target is offering 15% off the first-generation iPad mini through its Cartwheel iOS app. You can also save an additional 5% when you use your Red card at any Target retail location. That's a total of 20% off the 16GB iPad mini, which makes it only $239. The Target Cartwheel deal ends on March 29, 2014, so you need to act now.

iPad Deals

You can also save 10% on any iPad Air model with the app, and apply the 5% Target Red card bonus to any in-store purchases. Taking advantage of both discounts will allow you to nab a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Air for only $425. This deal also ends on March 29, 2014

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