Microsoft PowerPoint Updated with Apple Watch Support

Microsoft has updated its iOS PowerPoint app with Apple Watch Support. The slide show app was updated to version 1.8 on Tuesday. The update adds the ability to remotely begin and control slide shows on your iPhone from your Apple Watch, and monitor elapsed time, the current slide number and total number of slides using the Glance feature.

PowerPoint is the only app in Microsoft's suite of Office apps to receive Apple Watch features. Word and Excel both received minor updates and bug fixes on Tuesday.

Spiderweb Software Quits Making Games for the iPad

After releasing Avernum 2: Crystal Souls to the App Store on Wednesday, Spiderweb Software quickly pulled the game one day later, after realizing it did not work with iOS 8.3.

"There is currently a serious bug in the newly-released Avernum 2 HD for the iPad. For some reason, the game is having trouble registering touches on parts of the screen. Rotating the screen can return functionality temporarily, but the game is pretty messed up."

The company then announced it was no longer going to develop games for the iPad.

Avadon 2: The Corruption HD

Spiderweb announced on a forum post that competition on the App Store and skyrocketing advertising costs were just two of the reasons for the decision. The company also noted that "iOS 8.3 completely broke the engine they have been using for the last several years," and it did not seem cost effective to learn a whole new system.

New iPad Games and Apps of the Week: Blackrock Spire and More

Hearthstone players no longer need to lug their iPad around to play the game on the go. Blizzard released an iPhone version of Hearthstone on Wednesday. All you need to do is update to version 2.5.8416 of the current app, and you will be able to use your account to play on your iPod touch (fift-generation), iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC.

Blackrock Mountain: Blackrock Spire

The third wing of Blackrock Mountain titled "Blackrock Spire" also opened on Thursday. Players can unlock the new wing for 700 in-game gold or $6.99 USD. Here's the official description:

"Blackrock Spire honeycombs the heights of Blackrock Mountain, and serves as the first line of defense against those who would dare intrude on Blackwing’s domain. Nefarian’s forces now occupy the former Dark Iron dwarf citadel, where you’ll find the likes of ogres, orcs, and dragonspawn patrolling its halls."

Astropad Updated with Pencil Stylus Support

Astropad, the app that transforms your iPad into a graphics tablet for your Mac, now works with Pencil by FiftyThree. The well-reviewed app allows users to use their iPad to draw directly into Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Corel Painter, Manga Studio, Pixelmator, Mischief and more.


Pencil is a high-end stylus from the creators of the popular iPad sketching app, Paper. Atsropad not only supports Pencil, but it also works with its cool eraser feature, where users can flip over the stylus and erase any mistakes. Both Astropad and Pencil feature palm rejection, and the app promises to be "blazing fast" to keep up with any drawing speed.

Leaked iPad Pro Case Reveals Multiple Ports and Stereo Speakers

Sonny Dickson has published several images of an alleged iPad Pro case that reveal more details about the rumored tablet's design. The iPad Pro is expected to look a lot like the iPad Air, except it will measure somewhere around 12.2 to 12.9 inches, and feature a few tweaks such as stereo speakers.

iPad Pro Case

The case acquired by Sonny Dickson features cutouts for two ports, but it is unknown if they are for a Lightning connector or USB-C. One port is located at the bottom of the device and the other is on its side. The stereo speakers will be located at the top and bottom of the slate, and the camera will remain in the same place as the current iPad design.

RPG 'Avernum 2: Crystal Souls' Makes its Way to the iPad

Avernum 2: Crystal Souls is now available for the iPad. In the game players control a party of up to four characters who must defend the subterranean land Avernum from the evil the Empire. The iPad version of the game is a port of the 2015 reboot which was released to OS X and Microsoft Windows in January. The first three games in the series were originally released under the title Exile by Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software in 1995.

Avernum 2: Crystal Souls HD

In Crystal Souls, players must find a way to stop the Empire from retaking control of Avernum. Players can train their characters in 28 different skills and utilize over 60 spells to help defend the alien civilization who live in the many caves and dungeons beneath the surface world. The game features 100 towns and dungeons to explore, multiple alien cultures to encounter and hundreds of magical artifacts to collect. Avernum also includes 50 hours of gameplay with three separate game-winning quests and a dozen of side quests to complete.

Paper by FiftyThree Updated with Free Automatic Backup Feature

The sketching app Paper by FiftyThree has been updated with new features including the ability to backup all your journals for free. A user's journals will now automatically be saved every time they log in to their FiftyThree account. This will allow anyone to restore any sketches in the event that their iPad becomes lost or stolen, or a sketch is accidentally deleted.

Paper by FiftyThree

Version 2.4.1 of the app also includes a new Activity Center. This new feature allows users to keep track of all their Mix activity. Mix is the app's social networking service where users can share and collaborate on projects. In Activity Center users can now see who remixed and starred their work and view who is following them all in one place.

Fleksy Teams up with Riffsy GIF Keyboard, Goes Free for One Week

Third-party keyboard developer Fleksy has teamed up with Riffsy to add thousands of better quality GIFs to its app for iOS devices. The app has not only been rebranded Fleksy + GiF Keyboard, but it has also received some updates, stability improvements and various bug fixes.

Fleksy Version 5.4

Version 5.4 of the app features "bigger, better quality GIFs," "all the best reaction GIFs," and the ability to view trending GIFs and easily add them to your favorites. Fleksy has also improved its auto correct for all languages, added more accented characters, and now offers one-handed mode support for all devices.

First iOS 8.4 Beta Features Redesigned Music App

Apple seeded the first iOS 8.4 beta to developers on Monday. The new release comes only a few days after iOS 8.3 was released to the public. The official release notes only mention Apple's "all-new" Music app, which has been redesigned to make "exploring your music collection easier and more fun," and iTunes Radio.

iOS 8.4 Music App

iOS 8.4 users will be able to personalize Playlists with their own descriptions and art, and recently added artists will now be displayed at the top of your library so they're easier to locate. Other new features include Global Search, an improved "Now Playing" section with "a stunning new design that showcases your album artwork," the ability to wirelessly stream music from the Now Playing window and a new MiniPlayer that allows you to see what track is playing while you browse your collection.


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