How to permanently delete your Uber account on your iOS device


There's been a lot of controversy over President Trump's recent travel ban, and the ride sharing company Uber recently found itself in the cross hairs of the debate. As a primarily iPad-focused blog we're not here to discuss the pros and cons of Trump's policy, but a lot of iOS users have decided to delete their Uber accounts in solidarity with New York taxi drivers who are participating in a work stoppage at JFK Airport. Here's how to delete your Uber account if you would like to support the #deleteUber movement.

New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: Pokémon Duel and more

Pokémon Duel iOS

Pokémon Duel finally came to the US App Store this week after launching in Japan a few months ago. The new title by The Pokémon Company is a strategy board game where players can compete in real time battles with other Pokémon trainers across the world. The one-on-one battles are easy to master, but the rest of the game can be a bit overwhelming. There is a lot to learn in this game, and it features really long tutorials and load times.

Apple releases first iOS 10.3 public beta

iOS 10.3 Weather App

A few days after releasing the first iOS 10.3 beta to developers, Apple has rolled out the new update to its public testers. iOS users with a registered iPad or iPhone can now download iOS 10.3 by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update. You can learn how to register for the iOS beta program here if you would like to install iOS 10.3 ahead of its public release.

The first iOS 10.3 beta includes several new features, including a new "Find My AirPods" option. The new feature works like Find My iPhone/iPad by marking the last known location of any AirPods that were synced to an iOS device. Missing AirPods will also emit a sound making them easier to locate.

Floating iPad keyboard found in iOS 10.3

Floating iPad Keyboard iOS 10.3

Apple released the first iOS 10.3 beta to developers on Tuesday. The update includes several new features, like a Find My AirPods option and Apple's new APFS file system. Once again it looked like the update lacked any iPad-specific features until developer Steven Troughton-Smith discovered a floating keyboard buried in the code.

The floating keyboard isn’t publicly accessible yet, but Smith uncovered it while digging in the UIKeyboardPreferencesController’s boolForPreferenceKey. The keyboard is expected to be launched when the next-generation iPad models are released in the spring.

New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: Fire Emblem: Heroes and more

Kingdom Rush 4

It was kind of a slow week for the Apple App Store, especially after last week which was filled with both successful and failed reboots, big sequels and a new Star Wars title. Here are some of this week's major announcements you may have missed, and few new interesting looking App Store releases.

Ironhide Game Studio teased a new Kingdom Rush title on its blog and social media. Ironhide didn't release any major details about the fourth game in the series, but they did deliver this small hint:

"One thing is for sure, the bad guys shall have their revenge....muahaha."

Digitimes: 3 new iPad models coming in 2017

iPad Pro 2017

Another supply chain sources has backed multiple reports that Apple plans to launch 3 iPad models in 2017. This time the report comes from the Digitimes, who cited sources from a "related upstream supply chain." According to the Taiwanese site, Apple will release "a 9.7-inch iPad with a friendly price range, a 10.5-inch iPad, and an upgraded 12.9-inch iPad Pro" in the second half of 2017. Both KGI Securities and the Japanese website Makotakara have also claimed Apple is working on 3 new iPad models that will be released in Q2 of this year.

First Apple Pencil 2 rumor of the year is a bore

Apple Pencil 2

A new report from an unknown Dutch blog about the second-generation Apple Pencil has done little to help the lackluster news coming out of the Apple rumor mill. According to Roman Zavřel, the next-generation Apple Pencil will come equipped with a new magnetic system and pen-like clip for attaching the stylus to your iPad bezel or pocket. The report gives no mention of any other features, making it the most underwhelming rumor of the year.

As we previously discussed, the normally chatty Apple rumor mill has been eerily quiet when it comes to the next-generation iPad. So far noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities and the Japanese website Makotakara are the only credible sources who have offered 2017 iPad predictions.

New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: Barbarian Invasion and more

Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion

After releasing the classic strategy game Rome: Total War to the App Store in November 2016, Feral Interactive has announced this week that the expansion, Barbarian Invasion, will be released as a separate app for the iPad. Unlike Total War, which takes place during the rise of the Roman Empire, Barbarian Invasion is set during the decline. Users can play as the Western or Eastern Roman Empires, or as several barbarian factions, such as the Huns and Goths. Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion for the iPad will be available in March.

Creators of Astropad release new Studio app for the iPad Pro

Astropad Studio

The creators of the popular second-screen iPad app, Astropad, have released a new professional drawing tool for the iPad Pro. The new app, Astropad Studio allows users to utilize their iPad as a drawing tablet for their Mac. Users can draw directly into Photoshop and any other Mac apps or tools with almost zero latency, full Apple Pencil support and more. The app is designed specifically for the iPad Pro and professionals who are looking for a quality second-screen option.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth now available on Apple App Store

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth iOS

The popular action RPG shooter, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, is now available for iOS devices after a series of delays. The iOS version was announced on Tuesday by the founder of Nicalis, the game's publisher.

The Binding of Isaac is a dual-stick 2D dungeon crawler with randomly generated dungeons. Players begin the game as Isaac, who must escape his mother after she decides that he must be saved, just like the biblical tale with the same name. In order to escape his crazy mother, Isaac flees to the basement where he must battle monsters and collect power-ups to survive.


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