iOS 9.3.2 bug reportedly crashing some iPad Pro models

iPad Pro

A lot of iOS users are reporting issues with their 9.7-inch iPad Pro models on the Apple support forums and other Apple-related message boards. User camhabib wrote on the Apple forums, that his/her two-day old iPad Pro 9.7 has rebooted twice while in use.

"In the middle of using it, it will cut to the Apple logo on the black background for a minute before returning to the passcode screen. Oddly enough, it will accept Touch ID in place of a passcode, something it doesn't usually do when it loses power."

Apple updates GarageBand to 'celebrate the rich history of Chinese music'

GarageBand Version 2.1.1

Remember GarageBand? It's that thing on your Mac you probably never use. Apple has updated the music creation tool to version 2.1.1 for iOS and version 10.1.2 for OS X. The update "celebrates the rich history of Chinese music with new instruments and extensive Chinese language localization," according to the Press Release.

New iPad Games and Apps of the Week: Friday the 13th Edition

Nowhere: Lost Memories

Besides the obligatory hidden object games released every week, there were zero noteworthy iPad-only apps released to the App Store. With the lack of iPad options we've decided to look at the spooky games (and a few other big releases) released to the App Store through 05/08/16 to 05/13/16 in celebration of Friday the 13th.

Nowhere: Lost Memories is a point-and-click mystery game where you wake up with no idea what is going on. It is an immersive first person adventure, set in a weird place with a something hiding in the darkness. Nowhere: Lost Memories is available for $2.99 on the App Store for all devices running iOS 8.1 or later.

Crowdfunded iPad speaker case promises to deliver 3x the sound


If you own an iPad Air and wish it had stereo speakers like the iPad Pro, Ampple has a solution for you. Ampple is a new iPad case currently being funded on Indiegogo. The creators of Ampple claim that their product will not only increase the volume of your iPad, but it will deliver a richer sound with a deep bass. Or as they put it, Ampple will give your iPad "HD sound to match the HD screen," even though there is no such thing as "HD sound."

Opera launches free VPN service for iPad and iPhone

Opera VPN

Opera Software has launched a new free VPN app to the Apple App Store. The app offers users the ability to block ads and stop advertisers from tracking their web history. VPNs and ad blockers are normally only available as paid subscription services, but Opera has decided to offer its service free of charge. The Opera VPN not only allows users to surf the web anonymously, but it can be used to get around content restrictions by using virtual locations in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

New iPad Games and Apps of the Week: Hungry Shark World and more

Olympus Rising

As promised, the fifth title in the Hungry Shark series was released to the U.S. App Store this week. Hungry Shark World features 17 shark species in 7 different size tiers, 3 open worlds to explore 20 different mission and tons of innocent types of people to eat and objects to destroy. The game is available for free on the Appl App Store. It supports the iPhone 5 or later, iPad mini 2/3, iPad 3 and later and the sixth-generation iPod touch running iOS 8.0 or later.

YouTube working on bundled cable TV channel service for 2017

YouTube Unplugged

After announcing that Hulu is planning to launch an online cable subscription service, Bloomberg published a second report claiming YouTube is also working on its own cable-style service called, Unplugged. YouTube is aiming to launch the service as early as 2017. The video streaming company has already been in talks with major media companies, such as Comcast Corp.’s NBCUniversal, Viacom Inc., Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. and CBS Corp., but it has yet to to secure any rights, according to anonymous inside sources.

Apple planning Music overhaul due to tepid response

Apple Music Revamp

After scrapping iTunes Radio and acquiring Beats music streaming service, Apple is once again going back to the drawing board to revamp Apple Music, according to Bloomberg. The iPhone maker plans to make its music streaming service "more intuitive to use" and better integrate its streaming and download businesses while expanding its online radio service. The overhaul comes after a tepid response from users, and after several key Apple Music executives left the company.

Hulu in talks to launch own cable-style steaming service


Hulu is preparing to compete with Sling TV and other online streaming companies as it prepares to launch its own "cable-style" service, according to The Wall Street Journal. The Walt Disney Co. and 21st Century Fox owned Hulu plans to license channels from its parent companies in order to launch a new arm of its already established on-demand streaming service. The service will include channels such as ABC, ESPN, Disney, Fox and more. Hulu is also in talks with other providers, according to the WSJ.



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