Display Upcoming Calendar Events on Your iOS Lock Screen

Calendar for Lockscreen is a new jailbreak tweak that displays your upcoming calender events on your Lock screen. Unlike notifications, the events will not disappear after you unlock your device, and they will only be removed after they have expired.

Calendar for Lockscreen

The tweak even allows you to customize how your events will be displayed. You can go do this by navigating to Settings > Calendar for Lockscreen. From here you can choose how many events to display, how many days in advance they should display, color / size of text and so on. Calendar for Lockscreen also features the ability to swipe right on an event to open your Calendar app.

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New Tweak Adds PS3 Dual Shock Support to iOS Devices

A new jailbreak tweak released to Cydia is going to cause iOS accessory makers some major headaches. As you probably already know, Apple added a MFi controller support in iOS 7. This allows developers to create third-party game controllers for the iPhone and iPad. A lot of controllers / gamepads have already been announced and released, but most of them have been met with lukewarm reviews and they can be expensive. But now iOS users with a jailbroken device can use a PlayStation 3 Dual Shock to play any game that features MFi support.

Controllers for All

The tweak you'll need is called Controllers for All, and it can be found in Cydia’s ModMyi repo. Once installed you will also need a utility called SixPair and your Mac or PC to pair your PS3 controller to your device (You can download SixPair here). Pairing your iOS device to your controller is as easy as connecting both devices to your Mac or PC and clicking a button. The link above gives instructions for using SixPair with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. You will also have to open Control Center and disable your Bluetooth connection for the tweak to work.

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Four Tips to Make Typing on Your iPad Easier

The iPad keyboard is pretty easy to master but there are a few hidden features that can make you look like a typing wizard if your learn how to use them. Here are four quick keyboard tips for new iPad owners:

iPad Typing Tips

Split the keyboard: This trick is pretty well known, but new iPad owners will be happy to discover it. Apple added the ability to split the iPad keyboard in half in iOS 5. This makes it easier to hold your iPad and type with your thumbs. You can split the keyboard by placing two fingers in the center and draging them apart. You can also tap the keyboard icon at the bottom right of the keyboard and tap the "split" option from on menu.

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Lightroom Tablet Version Makes Brief Appearance on Adobe Website

A page for a mobile version of Lightroom appeared on Adobe's website before being pulled after an inquiry about the product by 9to5Mac. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a popular photo editing suite for Windows and OS X. A mobile version optimized for tablets will surely be a popular item.

Lightroom Mobile

The Adobe website did not specifically list the iPad as a supported device, but a chat representative told 9to5Mac that it is built for Apple's tablet. The representative also noted that the mobile version would be similar to the desktop version.

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Bardbarian: An RPG / Tower Defense Game for the iPad

Bardbarian is a new RPG / tower defense game from the same studio who brought us Soldiers vs. Aliens. The game follows Brad, a barbarian who uses music to inspire his neighbors to defend their town from their attacking enemies.


The game promises to deliver a "unique, hybrid, genre-bending" experience that crosses several genres such as RPG, tower defense, and an arcade shoot-em-up. The game also features hand-drawn original artwork, 12 unlockable characters with over 200 possible party combinations, 4 boss battles and a rock/metal soundtrack by Maximum Satan.

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SwipeSelection Pro Now Available on Cydia

The developer behind the popular iOS keyboard tweak SwipeSelection has launched SwipeSelection Pro. The pro version of the jailbreak tool has been rewritten for iOS 7 and adds a few new features users have been asking for.

SwipeSelection Pro

As you can see from the screenshot above, SwipeSelection Pro now allows you to select what area of the keyboard you want the tweak to work with. It also adds the ability to set the sensitivity, swipe speed and disable the tweak by using a three tap gesture on the shift key.

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Google Play Movies and TV App Now Available for iOS

The Google Play Movies & TV app is now available in the App Store. The app allows users to watch movies or TV shows they bought or rented from Google Play directly on their iOS devices. Unfortunately you can't buy movies from the app since Google opted not to pay Apple its 30% fee. Google also added Chromecast support so users can "cast" movies from their iPhone or iPad to their TV.

Google Play Movies & TV

The app is free to download from the Apple App Store. It requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with all iOS devices.

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How to Protect Your iPhone or iPad After It's Lost or Stolen

The WSJ reported today that out of 47,000 grand larcenies in New York City last year 8,465 involved Apple products. Since iPhone theft is on the rise, the NYPD created a YouTube video teaching New Yorkers how to activate the Find My iPhone feature on their devices. This is also a good idea for any iOS owner in any part of the country. Here's how to enable Find My iPhone and Activation Lock on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

New York City iPad Theft

Apple added Activation Lock in iOS 7. The new feature allows you to wipe all the data on your iOS device after it is lost or stolen. You will need to know your Apple ID to wipe your data or recover it, in case your device is found. You can learn how to manage / reset your Apple ID here.

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Evad3rs Release evasi0n7 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 to Fix iPad mini Bug and Patch Security Issues

The team of developers who created evasi0n7 have released two new versions of their iOS 7 jailbreak to fix aother boot loop bug and add an important security update. Evasi0n7 v.1.0.3 was released to fix the cellular reboot problem plaguing Retina iPad mini owners. Evasi0n7 v.1.0.2 previously fixed a similar issue with the iPad, but the bug seems to still be affecting second-generation iPad mini devices.

evasi0n7 1.0.4

Evasi0n7 v.1.0.4 was released via a Cydia update entitled "evasi0n7.x Untether." It fixes the "two security issues that were reported by the community," according to the release notes. You can find version 1.0.4 in the Changes section in Cydia after your refresh it, or on the official evasi0n website.

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Five Tweaks to Help You Improve Control Center in iOS 7

Here's a quick look at some the available tweaks in Cydia that will allow you to customize and have more control over your Control Center in iOS 7. All the tweaks listed below require a jailbroken iOS device running iOS 7 to work. You can learn how to jailbreak your device here.

Control Center Tweaks

CCControls: Free (ModMyi repo) - The first thing themers are going to want to do is customize their Control Center, and CCControls allows you to do just that! Users can add and remove toggles, change the shape and color of their toggles and decide which toggles can be accessed from the Lock screen. There are currently 24 toggles and 15 stock themes to choose from (with the ability to add more).

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