Apple iPad Case

The Apple iPad Case securely holds and protects the iPad in a black folding cover featuring the Apple logo. With an angled flap, the iPad Case can be positioned to raise the iPad off of a desk for easy web browsing and typing. A second position props up the iPad screen for watching movies or viewing pictures. Apple's iPad Case costs $39.



To flash72: They could have included the iPad case with the iPad. And you could be paying $40 more for the unit. I appreciate Apple giving me the choice. It costs Apple to make these so why would they not charge the customer?

Have you ever purchased a mobile phone that had the leather case included?

I don't love the look of the iPad case. Pretty un-sleek for Apple.

That said, it's terribly functional. It's minimalist in form and the iPad fits perfectly (no surprise there). Most importantly, the stand doubling as a tilt-surface for typing (bottom left hand picture above) is the best feature by far. Typing on the iPad when it is flat on your lap isn't the best experience, but the angle offered by the case is perfect.

Aesthetics aren't great, functionality is. If a new case comes out that offers both, I'd buy that one instead.

to flash72: I assume they don't include this case with your initial purchase because I'm pretty sure apple has a partnership with Incase and they don't want to step on the consumers toes by forcing on them a case which may not be the most practical for that person's particular needs.

I find it cheap looking, like a notebook binder. I ordered another brand. The one I saw at Best Buy, Apple employee that was there had one on his iPad, looked like a tight fit, i.e. getting it out for use with the docking station a pain, and didn't offer any protection other than scratches. No, I not paying that for it and have to cut the back out so it will sit in the dock. I think it is over price for the look. I also find the iPad too thin, so, a thicker case is fine with me.

went to buy my new iPad today and it is out of stock and so is this case. Five week turn around on the case, not sure how long for the iPad. Bummer! Did see this in the store and it looks okay. I think it might be nice to put the iPad in this and then into another case for travel.

Terrible in my opinion. It is very hard to get in and out of the case, picks up hair, dust and dirt like crazy and feels flimsy.

The seams feel "sharp" on the edges where you carry it, and is not comfortable to hold.

It's only redeeming quality is the stand portion - it works the way it's supposed to, and holds the iPad at pleasing angles in both portrait and landscape mode.

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