Belkin Vue Sleeve

Belkin's Vue Sleeve consists of neoprene with a soft quilted lining and an extra reinforced panel to protect the screen. On the outside of the case is a see-through pocket with a zipper for personal items and iPad cables, etc. The pocket is expandable and the Vue sleeve is so lightweight it can be placed inside another bag. The case is hand-washable and comes in plum or black for $39.99.



I needed a case for now to carry my iPad around, with the intention that this probably wouldn't be my long-term case anyway. A friend of mine didn't like one of the incase slip cases he tried, felt the iPad moved around in it too much, so I went with the Belkin. I'm not sure how useful the outside view pocket is, I just used it to slip in a note with my contact info in case it wandered off into the hands of a nice person.

It does it's job, the iPad is snug enough in it. It's got a little padding, though I feel less protected than my iPhone with it's leather Vaja case. At least I don't feel like my iPad is going to get roughed up when I carry my pad in a shoulder bag.

I love this sleeve! The pocket is perfect for keeping accessories together, and I can easily see what's in the pocket. (earphones, charger, etc)

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