Hard Candy Hard Sleeve

Hard Candy developed the Hard Sleeve iPad case for rugged protection using rigid molded EVA-foam surrounded by soft-touch neoprene. The inside of the Hard Sleeve is lined to protect the iPad screen and includes four shock absorbing rubber bumpers that adjust to hold the iPad in place. The device can be used while in the case by unzipping the perimiter and flipping open the grid-patterned padded cover. Hard Sleeve ships in spring 2010 for $49.95.



Seems some people got sent bumpers with glued velcro that don't work. Mine came with sewed velcro on the bumpers. My understanding is they will send you replacements. I like this case. It is well made, haven't gotten my 3g yet, but, looks like the iPad can be removed easily for use in the docking station, something the Apple case can't do, the front cover folds all the way around making for a good fat book like grip. It seems like it will make a stand, too, via of of just half folding it. I think there will be enough friction to keep it open. Something wedge in between the two covers when folded should also make a nice tilted slanted typing surface.

ps, The bumpers are bright orange, not red. Too bad, the red would have been nicer.

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