iPad Camera Connection Kit

Apple's Camera Connection Kit comes with two adapters that plug into the 30-pin connector at the base of the iPad. These two devices are designed to transfer digital photos and videos to the iPad for storage and display. One adapter accepts a USB cable to directly tether a digital camera to the iPad. The other is an SD card reader. The Camera Connection Kit goes for $29.


The camera connection kit is very cool. It works well with photos from point and shoot cameras as well as with my DSLR's raw photos.

I had hoped that it would be able to show me full size photos from the memory cards, but it will not show more than a thumbnail unless you actually import the photos, so it is a FAIL for me on that point - I wanted to know if I got a shot BEFORE I imported it, especially because you have to delete each photo individually.

The USB adapter will also work with a USB keyboard and some USN headsets as well, and I have no doubt that some enterprising people out there will work on making more things work with that connection soon.

This is a MUST HAVE on my list!

I purchased the camera connection kit and attempted to download pictures from my phone to the iPad via the USB adapter. I received a message saying that the device required too much power and the function could not be performed. Did I waste my money on this or is there a workaround?

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