Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000

The Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 from Microsoft connects wirelessly to the iPad and features a portable number pad in addition to the Comfort Curve compact keyboard. Two AAA batteries keep the Mobile Keyboard 6000 powered up on-the-go, with a singe AAA battery powering the portable number pad. An on/off switch and power status indicator, as well as a carrying case for the portable number pad are included. The ergonomic Mobile Keyboard 6000 can be found online at prices as low as $59.94.



How is it that the article doesn't mention that there seems to be no way to connect the keyboard and the separate numeric pad at the same time!

This keyboard works well and pairs easily with the iPad. It has a separate numeric keypad, which was designed to work with notebook computers that did not come with one. I never tried to pair the number pad with the iPad, as I never attempted to do any serious 10 key work or spreadsheets. I don't see why you could not pair them both at the same time. The instructions detailed the necessity of pairing each of them separately with the same device. Since I didn't try it, and one person is reporting difficulty, perhaps it's a limitation inside the iPad to prevent accidental pairing with 2 keyboards at the same time, just like you can't be paired with 2 headsets at the same time. It's not really a failing of the keyboard - it wasn't designed for use with the iPad and never conceived of it being used that way.

The keyboard has an ergonomic design and the keyboard is fan shaped - more flared around the bottom and narrower at the top. The result is that it does not fit into a small bag designed for a netbook. (Which is more or less the same sized bag to carry an iPad) This means that if you want to carry them together, you will have to have a larger bag.

The biggest advantage to this keyboard vs. the Apple branded one is a simple on/off switch and easy access to replace the batteries. No worries about accidental key presses if you make sure the switch is in the off position.

The only thing (besides the size) I didn't like was there was no real incline or feet to create an incline with this keyboard. I don't find it comfortable to type on a flat surface for any length of time.

to connect both the keyboard and pad?

AS far as why I would do this ...

Well I have terminal server at work and am an accountant so having this would be the greatest thing ever with Excel

Let me be more specific on the problem I'm having. I can getnthe ipad to see both devices and can add them both. The problem is when I try to connect them (turn them on ) on the iPad. They cant be connected at the same time

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