Speck ShieldView

Speck's ShieldView comes in a two-pack with a re-sealable envelope and an iPad screen cleaning cloth. The ShieldView screen protector is easy to apply, without any liquids or sprays. They can be removed easily or repositioned without leaving any residue behind. ShieldView features an anti-glare matte finish and protects the iPad glass from scratches and smudges. The two-pack retails for $24.95.


I won this product from the May accessory giveaway. I've been using it for about a week or so now. The installation is absolutely horrific. The moment I peeled of the back I knew I would have issues putting it on. It attracts dirt immediately to the sticky side because it has a lot of static. The first on I had to throw away because the corners wouldn't stick at all and it had a piece of cat hair in the middle that was driving me nuts. The second install didn't go much better but the bad spots are around the edges and I have my iPad in an Apple case.

No matter how careful you are I imagine most people will have issue getting this thing on and be completely satisfied with it. After you finally get it on and it's time to peel off the top layer the whole thing comes off again. After the first disaster I let the second one "rest" for a while before I removed the top protector film. Same thing! I was so frustrated at this point. I put the microfiber cloth that came with it on top with out the protective film and began working out the air bubbles yet again.

Pros: once on it looks and feels fantastic. No more glare and feels satiny to the touch
Comes with a large very nice microfiber cloth
Comes in a two pack

Cons: installation is a disaster especially because if the static that makes everything stick to the sticky side
Pulls off when removing the top protective plastic after all the hard work of removing air bubbles making you re-remove all the air bubbles.

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