Tree Frog Pad

The Tree Frog Pad is a 7 x 9 inch tacky rubber pad. The grip is strong and permanent, and never leaves a residue on the iPad. Roll up the Tree Frog Pad to make a stand for typing on a flat surface, or use the pad as a screen protector while in transit. The pad can also be used to attach the iPad to other objects, making a stand. When the pad gets dirty just wash with mild soap and water and the tackiness returns like new. Tree Frog Pad is available for $12.95.


I have tried two other view/use stands when I travel and one of them broke and then other one slid around and collapsed on the plane. The tree frog pad is by far the best, it is durable, the cheapest of them all, easiest for travel because I just put it on the screen when it is in my bag and the best thing is it stays in one place until I move it!

Stay away from this thing. I ordered one and hate it, here's why:

- WAY too sticky. Everything sticks to it, your hands, papers, anything you set it down on that's not nailed down, and every piece of dust and dirt known to man. If you use this regularly, you'll be cleaning it 3x a day.

- WAY too sticky: Yes, again. You can't get it off the back of the iPad once it's been stuck there for a few minutes. Takes a lot of effort to pull it off and mine generated a bunch of static electricity that made actual visible sparks the last time I took it off. You want sparks flying around your iPad???? I THINK NOT.

- WAY too thick: if this thing was half as thick and half as sticky, it might be pretty neat.

The idea is sound, but the execution STINKS.

I'm with Tree Frog Pad and responding to kenX. While we have sold over a thousand Tree Frog Pads without a single return, we though it only a matter of time someone would not appreciate it. KenX, we respect that the Tree Frog Pad is not for you. Please contact us via our website for a complete refund. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
You are absolutely right that the Tree Frog Pad has incredible grip yet it leaves absolutely no residue. Our customers use the pad when boating, in the car, and for air travel. Most place the pad in a plastic report cover when carried in a bag or back pack.
As for the static: No, it can not possibly happen. Please post a video if you can produce sparks with an iPad. Both the Apple engineers and I will be astounded.
As for thickness and tackiness, It sounds like your referring to the thin slightly tacky pads that have been on the market for years. I think we all may have tried them. They just don't work.
Tree Frog Pads are intended hold items(celphones,iPads, netbooks,etc)where more conventional products can not. See the following.
Again, I completely understand that our pad is not for you. Please allow us to make it up to you.

Tree Frog Pad melts if left in a parked car in the summer.

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