Can I send SMS text messages using the iPad?

UPDATE: As of iOS 5 (expected fall 2011), iPad owners will be able to send text, picture and video messages through Apple's new iMessage application. These are not true SMS or MMS messages, as they can be sent only to other iOS device owners (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

For those not running iOS 5, right now the answer appears to be no. Even if you have a Wi-Fi + 3G model of the iPad, the AT&T data plan is strictly for Internet access.

Using third party applications you can send text messages via the iPad -- but messages send using these third party apps will not sync with your existing SMS messages on other devices.

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I believe it will be possible if you think outside of the box.
I use Google Voice as a web app on the iPhone and I have been able to send SMS messages from that on the iPhone and from a desktop computer using Safari. That means you can send SMS this way from the iPad without having even seen it yet.

Receiving SMS may have to use the Google Voice convert SMS to email feature for now. I am still experimenting. The replies I have seen on the iPhone have been directly to the old iPhone SMS app which might be user error on the other end using my known iPhone number. I am trying to correct that but I know so many people it has been difficult.

There is also a TextPlus app that may work. I have had some difficulty making it work with Google Voice and I know it will not work with SMS to Metro PCS phones for some reason.

Tbe bottom line, sending SMS OK, getting SMS replies not working like a normal SMS application built into all normal phones.

There is also Chat, Twitter etc for texting.

This was my biggest disappointment after taking home and really using iPad. I had looked at the models in the store and read reviews. If anyone criticize big Mac for lack of this feature ( or AT&T after data plan payment ) I missed it. Yeah, lots of work arounds but this left me crestfallen. Right up there with flash workarounds...

Global.AQ works just fine for SMS on iPad. It works very well internationally and you can receive SMS as well from other Global.AQ users or also from selected mobile networks around the globe. So it can replace your SMS app on iPad WiFi because it gives you a number from Antarctica.

If you have a yahoo email account and add contacts with phone numbers you can send text message to any cell phone and received incoming reply text. As long your able to access a yahoo from any operating system (OS).

TextMe is the best texting app I found so far. Though Heywire is also just as good. Heywire is American numbers and textme is Canadian.
I have tried using the iMessenger app that came with the new update and after a lot of stress I managed to text only one person on it, from my iPod to his iPhone. Though another friend of mine has an iPhone and it says I can't text him. I still haven't figured that out yet. I tried everything.

I've been using Google Voice's app to send SMS messages with my iPad. Although, the app is not a full screen app it does allow you to 2X the size.

I have used the iMessage system to send msgs, but I do not know many iOS device users. Only my sis in California is an iPhone user.

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