Can I turn off iPad calendar notifications / reminders?

Not entirely. You can turn off the sounds during calendar notifications, but there's no option to turn off the reminder entirely. The text will still appear on the screen. To turn off the calendar reminder sound:

1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Sounds
2. Touch Calendar Alerts -> OFF

The iPad will now alert you of calendar reminders silently.

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Any idea how completely annoying this is ?

I have a dozen or more regular calendar invites per week on exchange. If I ever look at my e-mail, those calendar invites are grabbed, stuffed in my calendar and forever more wake up the iPad, wasting its battery when I'm not using it.

Apple really need to get their heads round the fact that people do not wear/use their Apple stuff 24/7, and need to be able to disable calendar reminders _permanently_

I agree it is annoying. I have my husband's calendar connected to my ipad, but only so I can look at it if I need to. I get reminded of his appointments too.

You can remove the reminder from those regular calendar invites entirely.

However, then your computer won't remind you either.

For now, take your pick. I hope they will add a feature that allows reminders to be cancelled for each calendar separately.

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