Can iWork / Numbers on the iPad open and/or save Microsoft Excel (.XLS) files?

Numbers, iWork's spreadsheet application can import Microsoft Excel files but cannot save them.

Outbound spreadsheets in iWork can be saved in either Numbers or PDF format, but not Microsoft Excel format (.xls).

However, Numbers spreadsheets created on the iPad can be uploaded to where individuals on either a Mac or a PC can view them.

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The question is whether Numbers on the iPad can save as Excel. Apple's Guided Tour videos indicate that they can only import Excel and Numbers docs but will export to Numbers or PDF. PC users must go to if you have uploaded your confidential company documents to the iWork cloud for them to view.

I assume you mean that iWork on the Mac can save a Numebr file as Excel!

- Che

Maybe there will be, but right now, it doesn't happen - not an option.

It may happen some day, but as of 5/1/2010, you CANNOT save a numbers speadsheet created on an iPad in xls format.

The only save or export options are numbers, and pdf.

so- it's crippled as far as two way collaboration.

numbers on the mac does export to xls
numbers from the ipad does not, only in numbers format and pdf
There it is, maybe there will be an update to the ipad numbers but until then there is no way of doing it.
ta da

You may if you have the iWork 09
If your Mac is let's say 3 years old then your iPad numbers sheets are not openable on your old? Mac and then you're pissed off

Even if you upload them to you are still unable to download from there as Excel file. You are still restricted to numbers and pdf formats.

This is idiotic, where does Apple come up with this BS. If the program were free, and they wanted to cripple it with proprietary garbage fine, but to charge for this "magical" new way of making spreadsheets and only have two lame formats is inexcusable.

Just completed an update for Numbers last night. All of a sudden it would allow me to save Ipad Numbers docs to xls.

Great update to this product!

I just sent a Numbers spreadsheet with two tables and 2 graphics to Sxcel, and by opening Excel, it has divided all items into different sheets, so the information has been disorganized and no longer sits together.

Anybody know how to fix this.

PS Try with the templates in Numbers, I used the one for personal finance to try out...

how do you import microsoft excel files to inumbers and work on it? i beleive it cant be saved?

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