Does the iPad support Java?

No. iPhone OS 3.2 will not support Java. The iPhone does not support Java. Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying "Java's not worth building in. Nobody uses Java anymore. It's this big heavyweight ball and chain."

Java fans should not expect Apple to reverse this long-standing decision on the iPad.

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iPad remains a coffee table ornament without Java.

This comment Is from my IPad. Without java and flash, i just have a big iPhone that you can put your sim in but no calls!!!!! My 18 year old son complains that he is not able to play runescape in it. This is just a waist of money. The person who says the java is not used by anyone anymore is a MORON!!!!

I can not play java online games (runescape,gamezer,...) on my iPhone :(

Dude, just download cloud browser from the app store for free. Run it and you can play runescape on your iPhone or iPad... However on the iPad it's blurry if you zoom in but fine for the iPhone.

Don't bother. The app is only .99 but there is a monthly fee. Read all bad reviews before you get it. I have the iPhone but was shocked to learn the ipad which is suppose to be a full computer would run java either. Good thing I asked before bying!!!

I work for the airlines. I cannot work on my schedule from my iPad, nor iPhone because neither supports the java needed to access the lines of available workload for me view. Very disappointing since I am a loyal apple user..

This is complete BS! Apple really needs to thing about what they are doing!!

I work remotely and use java to operate citrix to operate all my work applications so cannot use my iPad for work which is a major disappointment especially as a partially sighted person the I pad is very easy to use

This is one of the best apps for iPhone/iPad. Also supports VMWare View

I write this from my iPad. I am very disappointed Java and Flash are not supported on Ipad. Many web based work applications, like mine, are Java based. Therefore, I can not access my companies web access port from my iPad. Too bad. I could have bought just under 100 for my department, because it really is the application we need. Looks like "PC" wins again

Yes, I agree my iPad really disappoints. The magic is not there and in fact their is too many things missing.
I am going back to my Netbook. At least it has multiple task, Flash and Java capability and who cares if Steve Jobs thinks they are bad. I really feel I have been taken advantage of by Apple. For $500 I really got a less then functional browser and a piece of hardware tied to Apples App store.

Very sorry about my iPad purchase. I rely on java for more than 75per cent of the things I do with my laptop which this iPad thing was to replace. An $1,100.00 mistake.

I purchased my iPad on Saturday and I love it! Before I purchased it I had probably read dozens of reviews (and watched the kool-aid commercials on I know that I will sound like an ass when I write this, but the folks that are complaining about their iPads are either stupid or lying. Only an idiot would spend $500+ on an electronic device before knowing what they got. I am very pleased with my iPad because it does what I expected it to do. And, thanks to newer apps it does even more!

Steve Job and Apple did not create a poorly designed device; the folks that are disappointed made a uninformed purchase! Enough with the victim language!

Again, I do not believe some of these posts - total bs and Apple haters!

I think that you've missed the whole point the writer was trying to explain. Ipad does not support Java or Flash. These are very important componets if you use you ipad for work. Many platforms that require platforms as such to be able to open up the programs.
Its called, Getting the right product for your task needs. Most Ipad users including myself realize that the Ipad is good for reading books and light duty tasks assignments. Apple products (desktop and laptops computers are wonderful for task oriented job task. But the ipad is overpriced for what you get. Have you tried printing with the ipad....? Don't do it. Don't spend your money purchasing some program that promises that it can get the job done......... I love Apple Products;;; I gave my Ipad to my 4 year old grand daughter. she loves it.

I knew I'll not have Adobe Flash when I bought my 64Gb/3G iPad from London. OK, if Steve wants to torture Adobe, it's fine to me. But missing Java is really a big problem. There are lots of very good java applications and it is a pity those are not available for this great mobile device. This might be the show stopper if Nokia etc. get their balls rolling again.

J from Nokialand Finland with iphone, ipad and imac.

BTW, Apple - please give scandinavian keybord in next update. You have it since it works fine in iphone.

more people might actually buy the ipad if it had flash or java

Flash is one thing, but no Java??? What are they thinking? Granted I am typing this on an iPad I just bought, but from Steve's public responses regarding his method of controlling and limitations this iPad may be beaten with a baseball bat on camera tomorrow in front of an apple store. Remember the 1984 Apple commercial? Apple has become what they once hated. Way to go Stevie boy.

Flash is one thing, but no Java??? What are they thinking? Granted I am typing this on an iPad I just bought, but from Steve's public responses regarding his method of controlling and limitations this iPad may be beaten with a baseball bat on camera tomorrow in front of an apple store. Remember the 1984 Apple commercial? Apple has become what they once hated. Way to go Stevie boy.

That's terrible! A lot of web sites require java and not having it it means ruining the whole purpose of web browsing =/

My favorite game is java based now its like i dont wont it.

Is it runescape?

Schools are buying iPads. Why? I don't mind the lack of Flash support, but not having any Java support loses my respect for Apple.

Java is a beautiful language spun from a beautiful idea. Jobs should embrace it as a part of the Apple aesthetic, not pile rubbish on it in a juggernaut maneuver. Very disappointed in Steve, again.

I've never seen anything more "closed" than Apple products, nor can I recall a company that dictates what can be compiled on their hardware. This blind allegiance to Apple reminds me of lockstep followers of communism.

Windows 7 is so open that 300 viruses a month are written for it. Control is a good thing comrade.

'Comrade' says it all :)

Steve, is there a java substitute in the app store?

One of the worst viruses I ever had on my PC snuck in through a JAVA security flaw.


Closed systems are great for preventing viruses.. Just look at the pet rock.

Apple is at worst providing user a complete set of Web interface. Ignoring Java means ignoring the Web technologies.

Java sucks anyways

Really? Ok you computer expert, so you propose we all stop writing-using cross platform apps (with java) and use-write only Microsoft and apple apps? :)

Stick to your PC's is not for you

You will all be greatfull one day :)

There was one question I asked before I brought the iPad: 'does it support java' they said yes so I brought it
-.- are they allowed to do that?

As long try get there money like that they will keep on doing it just for money that is all try care about.

Can we get an english translator for this?

You must be stupid since you couldn't understand. Right you're stupid monolingual moron.

In the case that someone at apple reads this, i'd like to say that i simply love the style of java code. Why not make something that looks like java but is cocoa behind the scenes? Because we develop our applications in java we can support many platforms with full compatibility (client/server). Being compatible to ipad would be very expensive because we could not reuse any code. Please provide some solution to this. May it be a well integrated converter or something. Rewriting the GUI would be ok i guess.

Of course a jvm would be much nicer :)

may be u can try xmlvm.

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It won't work, I've already tried it. Iyt seems like there's no way out in this exact situation. Sad :(
Jay, mp4 to avi