Does the iPad support Java?

No. iPhone OS 3.2 will not support Java. The iPhone does not support Java. Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying "Java's not worth building in. Nobody uses Java anymore. It's this big heavyweight ball and chain."

Java fans should not expect Apple to reverse this long-standing decision on the iPad.

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Whilst I understand that Java is not supported via Safari, I did find that I could use the Perfect Browser App to over come this problem. Say what you want, I completed three summer grad courses over the Intenet with my iPad whilst in Spain and I am utilizing my iPad this coming Fall and Spring semester in helping me teach my chemistry and physics classes.

Now, mind you, I am not a blind advocate of Apple, but I have to say that they are certainly taking a bold move with denying Flash utilization on the iPad. I have to support their effort and ask that those web designers currently using Flash offer an alternative site for the iPad user. Shouldn't be difficult. However, don't simply call it a coffee table book because it doesn't support Java or Flash. How terribly myopic of you.

Just because it doesn't support flash or Java directly doesn't mean it isn't a usefull tool. Going through a Citrix access gateway and running your application on a Citrix server opens the door to all kinds of opportunities. Just because it doesn't work in your case doesn't render it useless.

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From my iPad

Great six hundred dollar paperweight for doing crossword puzzle. Thankfully it was given to me and I didn't buy this oversized iPod pos.

Today I saved 500 euro by not bying iPad. I liked it so much but it doesn't run flash nor JAVA apps so for me it is useless. Shame, so close to a perfect mobile tool and yet a victim of this war between the giant tiefs. My 2c of advise: international law and licensing for compatibility on all Internet-related products and services.

I dead that someone of you was disapointed of the ipad not running flash silverligth nor java, and i agree it is a bad thing but, it has it reasons and someone commented "i wanted to check stock charts, but because of the lack of flash i cant" you should check appstore for stock chart apps!
And movies on web is often in flash but, the ipad has implemeted in the browser and therephore plays 75% of the video on the web, some web developers makes the video avaliable in flash or as the video files, wich means the ipad vill play them thru quicktime.
And the reasons i mentioned on the start is:

Have you ever had your laptop running flash, then you have probably noticed that flash makes your lappy go warm or drains the battery, this would not be the best thing for a portable device with a battery that much smaller than a lappy.
But for flash apples reason is techinical restrictions, but the ipad can run flash if you implement a flash.plugin for safari with html-5.
And the most ass are in flash and not supported, do not buy an ipad if you need useless ads.

The silverligth platform is made by microsoft and made to work on all platforms, and i hope for a solution to that soon.

The most java apps on the web requires a mouse, something the ipad is missing, and you can say the ipad should have mouse support, and with jailbreak it can, but that is only a "toy" because it is no use for it, and if you could bring a mouse you could bring your lappy too, rigth?

And remember the ipad supports html-5 and if the webdevelopers want they can remove plugins that only use battery, and go for html-5 witch is supported by the most browsers (all the browsers running on apples webkit) (firefox, opera, safari and chrome) this would make the developers ready for the future PORTABLE.

And also remember if you can use it on the web, it is often a app for it too, check appstore.

Nevermind technicalities, it is simply pitty, ipad is an attractive product, but I cannot play bridge on-line (flash) nor I can log on to my office (Java). I just hope it opened the market for a Windows7 compatible tablet-PC that will have those features.

Quiet frankly, lack of java support is rather inconvenient for me as an attorney. It severely limits our ability to access the court database which is flash based. Apparently Steve Jobs forgot to tell the New York State court system that nobody uses java anymore.

Our only workaround is to use remote desktop to connect to our office computer and run java via internet explorer. Clearly not the best solution.

Remember, professionals working with governement agencies are at a disadvantage because municipalities are slow to adopt new technologies and the cost of rescripting an entire court system is prohibitive in the current economy.

The idea that the ipad can't run Java because it doesn't have a mouse is laughable! Do mobile phones need a mouse to run Java? Hell no! All that a mouse is used for is to be able to make a selection. If the ipad can't manage that without a mouse then it's about as much use as a bacon slicer in a mosque!

As for the idea that "nobody uses Java anymore", well that's just wishful thinking. Just look at the number of phone, PC and Mac apps which use Java.

The plain and simple real reason why Apple won't allow Java or Flash to be used is that it would allow people to compete directly with their online application shop and it would bring an end to what applications are allowed to be run on their precious device. It is simply a financial decision. Buy an ipad and you have to go through apple to buy your apps.

So come on Apple. Just be honest for a change. At best your flimsy excuses are disingenuous. Personally I believe they are just a pack of lies put in place to protect your cash cow.

Fully agree. Both Java and Flash are meant, at least as a foundation, to provide platform-independant software distribution. Obviously this does not please those who want to keep the "sale-strings" attached to their propriety platforms, iPad for example. This is not the first time that consumers are victims of the big technology war, for the same reason in the EU we don't have satelite radio network while probably in Burkina Faso they already do. Mobile phones that rout the call through your home operator at the other end of the Universe if you have to call someone next door in Australia is another example.

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> What? Ok Java is NOT the big ball and chain. The guy who think that is just a MORON !!!!!!!!!

I've made a valid point about Apple not wanting to introduce Flash or Java onto their devices because it would damage their revenue stream.

Do you have anything useful to add or are you just going to continue to show your lack of wit and intelligence by shouting meaningless drivel and throwing insults?

I have been using my iPad for my online classes, and it has been working out beautifully. That is until one of my professors asked the class members to create a voice board post using Wimba, which runs through Java. I had to resort to using my laptop for this assignment. Pity though, because I truly love my iPad and was hoping to do all of my school assignments on this device.

no ipad for me. I was going to get one, but simply require java. Guess I will have to wait until either the site I use changes or you do. I will have to check out the other brands.

Here I was, effortlessly cruising through my new fabulous iPad that I begged Santa for for Christmas, when what to my wondering eyes should appear? Sure as heck not any of my favorite Facebook games based on Java! Seriously, Apple, this is stupid. While I've seen the Steve Jobs' jive about Java being a dying whatever, I have to differ. The world might not end if I can't play Frontierville, but it's sure going to be one of the first things I tell my friends and students about when they ask me how I'm liking my new iPad. Really dumb, Apple, really dumb.

Cloud browse is not is $2.99 and it allows you 10 minutes of browse time on their private mail servers which are full a lot of the time..then to browse unlimited you must pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 per month.

>> Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying "Nobody uses Java anymore. "

Shouldn't somebody tell the Internet about this?

We were thinking of porting our Java app to the iPad and offer it in a bundle with the machine to our customers but we had to look for some other tablet.

i am an executive for bmw automobile and my Christmas wish was your tablet. Bad choice, I can not navigate through bmw website since no Java is available.
This is unbelievable. Now I am using my old Alienware and i will buy another one.

truly dissapointed!!!!!!

Are u using alien ware to use java on your I pad? If so, does it work and where do you get it?

Why you are allowing these stupid comments to clog the forum.

Hi, We want to install oracle retail point of service on iapd, for that we require java (jdk 1.5_22) and oraclexe or oracle 11g. How can we install those to, and please let me know if any other alternative for that.
Thanks in advance.

This products has very limited functionality. Maybe java is not very modern solution for web coding, but java scripts always had been an alternative for ms active-x from many years, and a lot of product with web interfaces like gateways, camera coders, controllers, media players and tons of web services still uses java scripts from different reasons. So peoples should change all equipment and stops to use favorite sites which uses java, when they want to use IPad or use IPAD only for special designed websites and between IPad funs - this is a kind of megalomania

if Steve Jobs said that Java is not worth and nobody uses Java anymore, I fell very sorry for him. It should be a big resriction for iPad and a could say the iPad is a closed propietary system that do not ambrace open solutions for the users. The Web is here and developers know very well what is Java. I think that today noone should buy a computer that does not support a language like Java, it is a nonsense.

Anton. Brazil.

Just got my iPAD. It came as a surprise that the device did not support the Java platform.

I think it is a horrendeous statement by Steve Jobs saying nobody uses the Java..

I recall Bill Gates saying something back in the 90s that the internet waould not be a success. Here comes another Bill Gates in disguise (Steve Jobs)

It is indeed an ugly statement !

Now onto the Android devices ..

Phew... I was thinking of getting an ipad2, but knowing apple from the past thought id better check the product in store first, and sure enough one of the first pages on the internet I accessed required flash. I asked the assistant if I could download it, he replied that the ipad does not support flash - what?! I then went to another site which required java - so a few minutes later I asked if I could use java, he wasnt sure and went on to find out that it doesnt support this platform either?!

What kind of equipment is this - Im expected to shell out £500 for a peice of technology that cant perform some basic internet tasks. My apple 'phobia' continues. If id bought an ipad2 and found this out I would have been bitterly dissapointed - the ipad is a great concept and looks good, but even cheap smartphones can perform these tasks.

I can't help thinking that whilst this discussion is interesting it's a mute point.
No one is complaining to the other manufacturer's pads can't run the Apple OS.
Whilst I agree it semms a little restricting of Apple, it seems perfectly within their rights to protect their IP.
After all, a significant portion of Apples popularity is from it's ability to control what apps get to run on it's hardware and therefor it's stability.

Even I bought the iPad 2 some time back but to be honest though I love Apple products and I have iPhone 4 too but iPad 2 i think is a good product but not a great one when it can't allow running java and other stuff..really disappointing.


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