Does the iPad support multiple users?

Another one of the most common questions popping up pre-release for the Apple iPad, is whether or not the iPad features multi-user support.

For those of you who envision a household iPad with support for multiple users and user profiles, the likely (though not definite) result will be some disappointment.

Though nothing will be confirmed until the iPad is released, there has been no mention of multi-user support and no evidence of support for multiple users in the iPhone 3.2 SDK (which the iPad will run at the time of its release).

If Apple is working on multi-user support for the iPad, they're keeping it hush-hush with little, if no, reason to do so. Chances are, they aren't.

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what about colleges - departments; any work team that's co-located; any group in which one soul might grab it for a presentation, someone else dashes off with it to a conference, another colleague takes it home for the week-end. We all need to load too many robust programs on our Apple laptops & workstations which we won't abandon to an individual iPad. We're not all going to buy another "precious" shiny object. We're good collaborators, we can pass the "ring" around our ring of folks -- design this lightweight easy to port thing for what we need -- a tool for our 'plays-well-with-others' sharing organizations.

The current OS (3.2) does not support multiple accounts, nor does what was demoed of the upcoming OS 4.0. That does not preclude that there will not be multiple user accounts possible in 4.0 as the iPad version will not be out until early fall, leading to speculation that there will be additional changes to the iPad version of the Apple's Touch OS. Until then the only option is to wait and see.

Yeah Right. Apple isn't testing out multiple user accounts with their iOS devices. Just like when everyone thought they were not testing out Intel Chips to work with their Mac OS and low and behold we find out that 4-5 years prior to the Intel chip release we find out they were testing it out. To make a statement that they are not testing this out... you don't know Apple too well. It's not if they are testing it out or not. They are testing it out and probably have something. It's WHEN they want to release it in the new iOS

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