Does the iPad support/play Microsoft Silverlight?

No. Mobile Safari on the iPad will not support or play Microsoft Silverlight content. Apple has also restricted the use of Silverlight on the iPhone.

Netflix uses Silverlight to stream video in the watch instantly section of their website.

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I have to have Silverlight to see my msn money portfolio. Guess I'll be buying the Slate.

No worries. By the end of 2010 there will be a half dozen tablets that can use Silverlight and beat the iPad at it's own game.

We are at the end of 2010, where are all those tablets that run Silverlight? And who is beating Apple at its own game? According to the latest market share numbers, Apple still commands 95% of the tablets installed base...

Just be patient :) A lot of tablets have just been introduced at CES. look at Motorolla xoom

Surprise ..nothing really works easy as techie use of is just for kids to play games

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I have to have Silverlight to see my msn money portfolio. Guess I'll be buying the Slate.

I was crazy when news about iPad came in, We planned to buy iPads for our all customer support agents. Then iPad was released..... no support for Silverlight and Flash... oh Boy, Whats the benifit of having such a poor device, Then we bought HP Slate 23 in all. POOR APPLE, lost their business. As far as I think, I would not recomend anybody having an iPad, whats the point..? I agree it has neatly cased but if it does not have the capability of showing RIA like Flash or Silverlight, its simply burning your money.

I bet sooner iPad will announce availability of Silverlight and Flash when they will see their sales going in Drain


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How is it possible that these two rich media technologies are not supported? Mac slumbered in their overly proprietary hell in the early days and it wasn't until they started opening their solution up to non-mac possibilities that they started to thrive. They've just returned to the dark ages...

The combo of silverlight on an Ipad would greatly benefit both companies.

It could be a killer move if they support it.

Thats becouse Apple will lose amout of money if they lose conrol with i tunes most app you get in i tunes you will pay music, videos ext...if Apple support Flash or silverlight they money is gone...

Bill Gates is on the board of apple, he owns a great share of apple (both Gates personally, and MS lent money to Jobs and Apple). The decision to not have SL on iProducts is a long term political move to religate iProducts to the "toy" and "entertainment" market, while business applications will run off androind and ms mobile/ smart devices.
Look for MS to make a move on Apple or Google in the next 2-4 years.

Now worries. By year end there will be a half dozen tablets that can use Silverlight and beat the iPad at its own game.

That didn't happen, oh well.

My company produces most of our internal communication and numbers via silverlight. I "love" my iPad, but this lack of business support really makes the iPad more of an entertainment device...instead of both entertainment and business! My goal: never take my laptop on a short business trip again. The challenges of "numbers" for large spreadsheets and the lack of letting me see our on line data (silverlight) makes that tough! Come on steve, think of us traveling business types!

It took me 11 years to lose faith in Microsoft and switch to apple. It has taken me 2 to lose faith in apple. Apple is becoming synonymous of control freaks and the new products don't enthuse anymore. My iPad is boring, the new MacBook air without rear illuminated keyboard is useless (to me) and 3 iPhones purchased in the USA don't work in Italy. Apple is regressing in technology and rather narrow minded. They haven't a cue on multi nationality (really no clue at all..... You should see my applestore has the post code of one country, the street address of another and there are two countries to the address.... All this because I am on an ex-pat in one country with a bank account in another.....

The early "Apple... the personal computer" spoken by Dick Cavett on the Apple Computer commercial in 1981 got me to try personal computing as a business tool for a small business, which led me to taking electronics classes at a community college, which led me to the computer lab to learn how to write programs, which led to managing a computer store for IBM clones, which has put food on my table for almost 30 years... I have been a PC since the Mac was released and they went to a closed architecture. Not to mention the fact that Steve Jobs shoved Steve Wozniak aside and acted like he invented the GUI. He didn't and neither did Microsoft's Bill Gates.

However, that being said: Microsoft has come a long way to creating a robust internet based video streaming plug-in transitioning to push-style client desktop solution (multi-browser). The Windows 7 Series Phones also use Silverlight. As soon as the elites at Verizon Wireless and Sprint get their load of these phones this year, that will be 4 carriers and at least 4-5 vendors who make the Win7 phones. Better competition and better for business.

Wait for a good Windows 7 Series Pad. It'll do everythign the iPad 1 and 2 do and probably more. I'm just sayin... And... It'll cost you a lot less money!

Since the Lisa, the Mac, and i-World... Apple's been the pricey and closed architecture "solution" for elitist/artiste snobs.

I'm just sayin'... There isn't ANYTHING you can do on an Apple platform these days that I can't do better, faster, and cheaper on a PC. That is the fact they never tell you anymore.

I can understand why Apple wouldn't support these on the iPads or iPhones. They're resource hogs that would suck the life out of light mobile devices. There's other options like QuickTime which is device scalable so why bother with technology that isn't?

I only use my ipad to stream video, and it's frustrating that the Apple is the only device that doesn't seem to work with every format out there.

Most of the videos I watch (between Netflix, NFL steam ticket, and MLS Matchday Live) are all powered by Silverlight.

Can't watch any.

Maybe you all should do a little more research before blindly purchasing an Apple product next time.

People just 'assume' a computer to work.

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It crashes systems, is linked to iTunes, and is an enormous pain to manage. Also a LOT of security issues around QTP have been noted.

Tell me again why this is such a good technology?

It is a peaty that IPad could not run Silverlight which is standard feature for many broadcast. In the long term the exclusion is difficile to understand: consumer should have the right to get access to information and they are perfectly capable to choose rather than having somebody deciding for them. It is to hope that son or later reason will prevail. I am disappointed: IPad is a very expensive devise, but it would worth the price if it where allowed to take use of all the existing resources. If the situation doesn't improve I'll think very carrefully to' switch toward a decent Android tablet when available

I agree.
And I angry. I buy ipad generally for watching video. I didn't know, that it is impossible in 75 % cases.
My next table will be on Android.

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My computer does not support Silverlight,now i can't play video more RTL4 webiste. I Thanks Microsoft very much about Silverlight, for development a worst choice of software even a ipad not support silverlight!

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