How can I read the iPad manual / user guide ON the iPad?

We've gotten a few emails from users complaining that they had to purchase a third-party PDF reader application or keep an email lying in their Inbox with the iPad manual attached to it in order to read the official Apple iPad user guide on their iPad.

None of this is necessary.

The iPad manually can be read and stored in iBooks. Simply search for iPad to find the free-to-download iPad user guide and add it to your iBook-shelf.

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Can you elaborate on how one goes about adding it to the bookshelf. I have been trying to figure this out. One person said that (using your iPad) you go to Apple's site and locate the guide PDF. Once on the screen you tap the screen and a dialogue box appears and there you select to save it to the bookshelf. I have tried this with a number of PDFs and I can not get the dialogue to appear when I tep the screen. The only way I have found was to use a regular computer, locate the PDF, save it, place it into iTunes and then load it to my iPad. Or, purchase Goodreader for $.99 and use that.

Any thoughts on this or is that what you meant by "add it to your iBook-shelf".

The manuals for the iPad can be downloaded from Apple at - then just drag them into the iBooks section of the your iTunes library then do a sync on the iPad - check the list of books to make sure its there before the sync.

It should appear in the iBooks app on your device now - in the PDF's section not in the normal Books section.

If you want to get the smaller ePub version of this manual (so it appears in the Books section of iBooks) try out the program called Calibre for your Mac - available from - install the program and then just import the PDF user manual and then convert it to ePub format and save it to disk and then drag that ePub version to the iBooks section of your iTunes library and again sync the device.

Don't forget you can sync all books or selected ones - just go to the iBooks tab of the device (this is the one with the Summary, Apps, Ringtones, Music, etc tabs along the top, not the iBooks subsection of the device on the left of the iTunes window. The latter is just the list of books currently on the device, where the former is the way to download only specific books or all of them.

The PDF manual is about 24MB in size and is 181 pages - the ePub manual is about 11MB in size. There's little point in putting both of them on the device but you might prefer one over the other.

This is the English version - there is also Dutch, French, and Japanese, but no others it appears. The other versions are available by just clicking on the Languages link right below the title.

Good Luck...


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