How can I stop iPad screen rotation / lock the accelerometer?

UPDATE: In iOS 7.0 Rotation Lock has been moved to the Control Center. To access Control Center, swipe up on your Home screen, then tap the padlock icon to enable Rotation Lock.

UPDATE: iOS 4.3 adds a Settings option to turn the mute button back into a rotation lock switch.

UPDATE: Apple has changed the rotation lock switch into a mute button with the iOS 4.2.1 update. To lock the screen orientation double-press the home button to bring up the multitasking dock. Swipe left to right on this dock until you see a gray box icon with a circular arrow inside. Tapping this icon will enable or disable rotation lock. When the orientation is locked a padlock image appears inside the icon.

In some cases the iPad screen will rotate to portrait or landscape orientation when you want it to stay fixed. To lock the screen rotation Apple has designed the iPad with a convenient button located on the side of the iPad.

Click the button on the top right of the iPad, just above the volume controls to toggle the accelerometer lock. This will tell the iPad if you want screen rotation on or off.

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Hi I have tried the button that is above the volume control and all this does on my iPad is to disable and enable the volume. How can I lock the screen ? Can I restore this buttons original functionality? I have already tried reset all factory settings without success.

Jay in London

Start up iPhone/iPad, tap the home button twice (double-click), then slide the now exposed bottom menu all the way to the right - you will see the round arrow button appear - tap that to lock orientation. There is also a brightness slider on the iPad (not on iPhone - it's the pause/play rewind/forward buttons).

John :-#)#

Excellent...It was driving me I can stay sane for another day

Thank you thank you thank you. Have been searching the net for this answer. Still annoyed the side button was removed though! Grrr. Just proves we are not in control of the functions of something we paid fair and square for.

It would have been nice of Apple to tell us this. Since updating the software I haven't bee able tp read in bed with the constant rotation. I think this was a dumb move.

I swear I was about o start cryin this was drivin me crazy lol!!

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