How can I turn off iPad passcode lock?

First of all, to turn off or change settings for the passcode lock feature on your iPad you must know your passcode. If you have forgotten your iPad passcode you're out of luck.

To turn off passcode lock:

1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock

2. Enter your passcode.

3. Touch the top button labeled Turn Passcode Off.

4. Enter your passcode again.

The passcode is now deactivated and will not be required to access your iPad.

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after following the instruction above.... i notice that there no {Touch the top button labeled Turn Passcode Off} option.

please help.

It drove me crazy ... I called Apple support ... They didn't know and only suggestion was to restore to factory default ... Spoke to bestBuy Geeks ... Same answer and recommend ... Talked to an Apple Store manager ... He was puzzled ... whew ... And directions in manual and searches on line ... No clues !

It turns out, in my case, it was simply that one of the email accts I had set up was the MS Exchange Server ... And it's security requirements in conjunction with the iPad OS forces the passcode "and" removes the "Turn Off" option/button.

If I deleted my Work MS Exchange Server email acct on my iPad ... "Presto Chango" ... The "Turn Off" option/button is there ... And if I set up my work email acct again ..."Puff" it disappears.

I hope this makes life easier than it was for me....

Rich F ... Alexandria, VA

I got the same issue after checking "This is a private computer" on the Outlook Web Access web page. When I delete my MS Exchange Server mail account, the button is back. It should be a stupid bug for iOS 3.2.2.

Thanks Rich's input, it is very useful.

the problem is not with the Ipad IOS, the problem is in the exchange server. scenario..."i create an exchange account on the Ipad and everytime i do, it wants to create a passcode. when i try to turn it off it is greyed out."

here is the fix, go to your exchange server. in the exchange system manager go to global settings. right click on mobile services, click on properties. click on device security, click on exceptions. add the user you want to put in. click ok all the way out. if you have no idea what i am talking about give these instructions to your system administrator.

then go back to your ipad. delete the account. then add the account back in. voi la.... now it wont ask u for the passcode.

the problem was in the security settings of the exchange server. i think Apple owes me some compensation for this answer.

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I consider myself techie but couldn't find Sussex this one out. The button was greyed out but you've given me the solution as I too have an email account set up which uses exchange server



Had same problem. Due to having over 7 Exchange email accounts set up on iphone, I tried turning mail off inside of each Exchange account setting on iPhone. This worked! I was then able to turn off passcode. Went back and turned on email.

hey plz i need help
how can i put the password if my ipad shows the usb and the itunes logo i try to connect to the itune but it tels that i can't connect if i don't put the password plz help

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