How do I uninstall / remove an iPad AppStore application?

To uninstall an application purchased or otherwise installed from the iPad App Store, simply do the following:

1. Hold your finger on either the icon for the application you wish to uninstall or any other icon until the icons on your home screen begin to shake or wiggle (the same action you take to move or re-arrange home screen icons).

2. Click the "X" in the upper left hand corner of the icon for the application you wish to remove.

3. When prompted, touch Delete.

4. To prevent the app from re-syncing to your iPad, plug the iPad into your computer. Under the iPad -> Applications tab in iTunes, de-select the application from the Sync Applications list.

If you have deleted the app from your computer, and you want to re-install the application at a later time, simply visit the AppStore and select the application again.

Note: if you're experiencing difficulty removing an iPad app that seems to be "stuck" installing (i.e. endlessly "Waiting ..."), read this FAQ on How to Remove / Delete a Stuck iPad App.

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Why is a "social dating" app shows I am online even when I am not? And why does it keep on posting my location in terms of my distance to other users?

my ipad2 16 gb white dont hawe restriction optsions in general seting maybe any one no why,and i delete aps only via itune on my desktop pc pls help

Can someone help me? I downloaded FileApp to open to open my document but i'm not satisfied so i wanna delete the app but i cannot find it in the menu. But, it's already installed

If you want to delete anything you have installed just press the subject with you finger. The app will start shaking and a "x" will appear on the right corner. Press the "x".

help!!! I downloaded a free ebook and it actually won't load as too big and need wifi. I have successfully deleted if off Itunes on my computer and synced the ipad2 afterwards hoping the darn thing is gone.

It is still on my bookshelf and I keep getting that stupid message about it too big, etc.

I tried deleting on ipad2 and it won't let me delete it.

anyone have a solution?

Is there any way to cancel an app that I paid for but has not been downloaded? I was doing it for my grandson, but don't want it now.

No x appears for any of the 30+ apps. They wiggle but there is no x. do i remove them?

I have same question, did you get an answer?

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Under settings, go to restrictions and make sure that the restriction for deleting apps is disabled.

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Try to disable the restrictions. Go to Settings>General>Restrictions and tap Disable Restrictions on top of that window. Hope it works for you.

No x appears for any of the 30+ apps. They wiggle but there is no x. do i remove them?

Never knew it was that easy!!! thank you so very much!!!

thanks Im a support agent and this topic saved my on this call!


Tried to uninstall this app in the usual way but does not have an x to delete. Can't even delete from computer. Must be an easier way. Ready to throw the whole iPad away......

press and hold the wake/sleep button (not the home button but the on on the side/edge) for a few seconds and you get a red slider and can shut the iPad off. After a few seconds, switch it back on using the same button (press and hold) and your app that was stuck on loading is gone.

Thank you so much I did exactly that and the uninstalled app disappeared you are brilliant! :)

I don't think anyone knows. This has been going on as a question for sometime now and nno responses to help. I bet that even APPLE does not have an answer. Can anyone help us, i have the same problem. Thanks.

Although the rest of my apps have an "x" button when I hold down, this buggy calculator I downloaded for free won't show up and dies nit show an x si I can erase it from my desktop!

I have the same issue. I downloaded the "Game Center" application. When I tried to remove it in the usual fashion by making the icon "wiggle," some new message appeared. I thought it said "Do you want to remove app?" but apparently, it said something else. After I answered yes, the app became permanent, just like the original pre-laoded apps that came with the iPad, like Safari, Mail etc. Even a re-boot didn't fix this. I am still unable to remove this app, either directly on the iPad, or through ITunes. What gives?

This app is totally bogus. Can't remove it and can't install and use it. Bogus error messages occur each time I try to sign in. Don't install on your I pad. It directs angry birds to the game center and then you can't log in. Please figure out a way to remove this app. It is awful!!!!!

I'm having the same problem with this app! No x to delete. Not listed in my apps on my computer.

This app has to go
the ad is so misleading
anyone know how to get rid of it?

Get rid of your iPad I am !
You can get a new laptop ( cheap) like I did that will solve your problem !
Made in America means junk !

I selected I wanted to download an app. However, I found it is too big to download over my 3G network and I am prompted to download via computer or Wi-Fi (over 20 MB). Therefore, the icon is just on my home screen. When I hold, no "x" option becomes available. It just says loading. I have shut the ipad off and then back on, but it does the same thing. I have no computer to connect to Itunes. My ipad is all I have.

Same problem here....20mb app stuck on home screen loading due to no wifi in my area....saw someone say you have to go to a wifi restaurant to my opinion you shouldn't have to leave the house to resolve...with no computer or restaurant with wifi near...I think if you can start a 20mb app in 3G on your home screen you should be able to delete or the app should not be allowed to start the loading process...I think this is a flaw if no solution on 3G.

Surely you've figured out by now that you need to go to a Starbucks to use the free Wi-fi connection to download your application. Any Starbucks will do.

Where are the answers to your questions?

When I hold on it shake but button x does not appear...

Same problem and no help for this problem.

When I hold on it shake but button x does not appear...

Hi, same symptom. I was downloading an app and pressed install again and this is a phantom app. I deleted the other app thinking it was part of this problem (it was free) but it still is there. Any suggestions how to get rid of this?

When l hold my finger to any icon does not shake
There is any other option

I had the same problem. Finally, I turn off completely the iPad (Hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds,use the red slider) and restart the iPad. Everything was back to normal.

Thanks so much for the tip! Followed your directions and the app that I wanted to remove which did not have an x in the corner was gone.

The solution suggested in 10/15/2010 - 11:38
dosen't worked for me.
I waste till now about 2 hours to fix that problem.
I'm happy that the IPad that I work on isn't mine and that I haven't spent the money to get a device that make me angry just for deleting an application that I don't want.
I was enthusiast about Apple devices but more I use tham and more I'm convinced to not get tham.
Windows and Linux are problematic, you got blue screens but if you need to delete a file or simply copy it you have a way how to do that.
IPad sucks!

The answer provided on 10/15/2010 works great! Thank you so much!

To remove a partial app with no X the suggestion above on 10/15/10 worked well. I held the power button for a few seconds until the red slider bar appeared and used it to power off the iPad. When I restarted, the partial app 'ghost' icon was gone. Thank you so much!

No, it doesn't work. No 'X' sign. It is starting to piss me off. Anyone with any other suggestion?

To remove a partial app with no X the suggestion above on 10/15/10 worked well. I held the power button for a few seconds until the red slider bar appeared and used it to power off the iPad. When I restarted, the partial app 'ghost' icon was gone. Thank you so much!

Tried this suggestion, as I had the same problem, it worked great.

Worked great. Thanks!

Just purchased an app (Office HD). It installed but began acting very buggy. I thought that a reinstall might help. I followed the steps to remove the app (and it was removed) but now when I visit the app store again, it's prompting me for another purchase? Since I've already paid for the app, how can I download/reinstall again?


Same here. Want to reinstall, but do not want to purchase again.

Same here. Buggy app, need to reinstall...

Great help and loving my I pad

If you aren't getting any x's make sure you look under restrictions in the setting options. You need to make sure the delete app button is on.

Its works!
See this:
for example:

its just like this i also using my new iPad 2 white :D