How much data does Netflix streaming video use on the iPad 3G?

Netflix streams movies and television shows to subscribers when connected to a 3G cellular data network. We ran an independent test to see exactly how much bandwidth the Netflix application would require.

Netflix was started up and one streaming TV show was immediately selected from the instant queue. Video was played continuously over the course of 31:36 minutes.

Netflix data usage results:

Sent: 3.2 MB
Received: 140 MB

Total: 143.2 MB

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So you don't want to be streaming continuous hours of video over the phone network anyway. Stick to wifi for that

add to that wut ur paying for netflix it self

143mbx 2 = 1hour 286mb
286mb x 6 hours = 1710mb
Ipad= 6 hours of streaming video for $25 bucks
What a joke

So we only will be able to watch 1 movie on 200mb plan that is sucks I will be buying android tablet when it will come out screw greeddy Att

All you people complaining about AT&T. Have you read where most if not all of the other carriers have already HAD caps in place? They just don't advertise them. Much like your cable and DSL providers...