How much RAM / memory does the iPad have?

All models of the first generation iPad have 256 MB of RAM (random access memory). This is the same amount of memory found in the iPhone 3GS.

The RAM inside of the iPad is not removable or upgradeable. Apple has increased the amount of RAM in the iPhone 4 to 512 MB.

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Only 256 MB of RAM on an iPad.
Wow, that's really lame.
No wonder Apple hides that info and does not even mention it under their "Technical specs" iPad section of their web site.

++1 to that. The first place /i looked was on the apple site and no mention whatsoever. I have seen Chinese knock-offs with upgradeable RAM pre-loaded with 1gb of DDR2. Silly Apple.

It has the RAM it needs to do what it does very well. As apps get more sophisticated, they will require more RAM and future generations of iPad will have more RAM as it's required. Don't worry about the numbers, just enjoy your iPad.

This is Apple's business strategy to make the product obsolete as soon as the next version is released...Apple was never like this in the past, they encouraged upgrading their computers, not selling people flashy products that are garbage within a couple of years...computers are useful because they can 'multi-task' and the higher the RAM, means more tasks can be handled at once....FFS this ipad has only 256mb RAM, which is lower than my 2002 iMac G3, which runs MacOS-10.4.11, even though it's nearly 9 years old!!!! All because it came with space for RAM upgrade.
My point is that these iPad's are disposible since the RAM isn't upgradable, thanks to RAM upgrades my ancient iMac-G3(cpu=500mhz & 750mb RAM) is still useful after all these years...

@anonymous i know what you mean! I had to google the question to find this info! apple's really all show, no power.

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