What is the best way to clean my iPad screen?

The multi-touch glass screen is the single most important part of your iPad. Unlike most device displays, you not only view the interface through it, the screen is the interface. Even with the fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating, the iPad screen will get dirty quickly and easily.

To clean your iPad screen, never use any type of cleaning solvent such as Windex or similar chemical products. Use only water.

Ideally, use water with a lint free scratch resistant cloth (microfiber is best) to clean your iPad screen by dampening the cloth slightly. Then clean the screen using soft, even strokes.

The 3M Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is highly recommended.

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I just got my iPad yesterday I and I have tired many different things to clean the large and ,vibrant screen. Oh btw I am on the iPad right now! but the damp water on a microfiber works well but I think that sometimes using a really littlE bit of glass cleaner on it won't do any harm since the iPad screen is made out of glass and you usually use glass cleaner on glass :)

Never use anything with ammonia in it on the screen. Traditional glass cleaners such as Windex do have ammonia in them.

I have used repeatedly an aerosol ammonia-free glass cleaner and it works well. The screen is clean and fingers slide easily as if the i-Pad just came out of the box.

To wipe off the ammonia free glass cleaner from your i-Pad use an old (ie- well worn & soft) 100% cotton undershirt. Since this will be soft, the glass and coating will not be scratched or harmed.

Paper towels are a wood pulp product and as such, they will scratch your i-Pad screen.

Too bad the NERDS at Apple didn't find a way to put screen cleaning, and all these prohibitions, in their Apple Care Manual; $99. Jim in Newton, Ma. PS; IPad for sale !!!!!!!!!!!

It is best to not use any liquid cleaning products, especially not rubbing alcohol since the iPad's screen has an oleophobic coating that is meant to repel oil and grease...the best thing to use is a microfiber cloth and some elbow grease...I got mine here http://www.ipadcleaningcloth.com and they give you a chance to win a free iPad with every cloth you buy...I bought 4! Hope that helps!

My bad, I cleaned the iPad with alcohol based liquid, now I can feel my fingers have much much higher frictino when I moving on screen like scrolling etc. Before when I put my finger on one place, it was so without no friction that the finger was moving a little bit, I can't hold it on one place (the iPad is new, unpacked 5 days ago).
Now after cleaning it is worst, when I use more power I can't scroll, my finger simple won't slide.

Is there any way to restore the oleophobis layer as I suppose it's simple something very oily, so oily that even oil from fingers won't hold on it. Can we buy it in spray or something?


The best product I have found for cleaning the finger-prints and grime off my IPad is eScreen. eScreen is a specially formuated spray cleaner sold along with a microfiber cloth. Information on eScreen can be found at http://www.escreencleaner.com.

I bought some of these a couple months back and they work great ! mobilecloth.com

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