Why won't my iPad battery charge when connected to a USB port?

The iPad has a powerful battery that requires more energy to charge than smaller devices such as the iPhone. Apple ships a 10W wall charger to insure that charging will be efficient.

The iPad can also be charged by high-power USB 2.0 ports. USB ports not meeting this specification will sync the iPad but cannot charge the device. One example of a USB port not capable of charging the iPad is the keyboard USB port on a Mac.

The iPad might charge slowly on non-high-power USB ports if the device is in sleep mode. Similarly, a 5W iPhone wall charger will slowly charge the iPad.

For the best charging results, use the 10W USB power adapter or locate a high-power USB 2.0 port on your computer.

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I have a non-MAC laptop. How can I verify if my USB port is high power USB 2.0 port?

plug it in! if it says "Not Charging" then it's not! If you don't have an iPad and seriously want to know if your USB port is a high power USB 2.0 port then why are you HERE asking?

I bought a very amazing gadget that allows you to charge your ipad, ipad2 and the new ipad on the USB port on any PC. RAVPower RP-UA01 can charge and sync with itune on any computers, not only MAC. It enlarges the output current of the PC to about 1.3A, which is larger than the original 500mAh. In this way, you can simply charge your ipad from PC. And also charge your phone quicker than directly charge from the PC USB port.

Thanks buddy for helpful recommendation. I'm using iPhone 4S about 1 year never faced any charge related issue. Now moving forward to buy an iPad and hopefully mentioned problem persist with me following suggestion will be useful for me to get rid of. COVALIN Keep up.

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