New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: Cthulhu Clicker and more

Cthulhu Clicker

On Thursday we looked at two new strategy games that landed on the App Store. The Quest is the first iPad-only title we have spotted in a long time. It is an open world RPG with a long storyline set in the kingdom of Monares. You are an agent of the king tasked with finding out what happened to the governor of Freymore, who went missing. The game features four cities and a world full of mountains, caves, lakes and forests for you to explore. You can also interact with friendly and hostile NPCs while being forced to make decisions that will determine the outcome of the game.

The Quest HD is available now for $7.99 on the App Store. It includes the ability to customize your character spells, potions to craft, a day/night cycle with changing weather and more.

The Quest and Heroes of Normandie now available for the iPad

Heroes of Normandie

Two premium strategy games have landed on the App Store for the iPad. The Quest is an iPad-only, open world RPG with hand-drawn art, and Heroes of Normandie is a universal title based on the popular board game from 2014.

The Quest has a Dungeons & Dragons-like feel with its old school art, customizable races and magic spells. The official App Store description promises a "long and dramatic main story" with side quests, an open world and the ability to cast dazzling spells, enchant powerful items and concoct potent potions.

Apple announces decline in iPad, iPhone and Mac sales

Apple Q3 2016 Unaudited Summary Data

Apple announced its third quarter financial results for 2016 with declining iPhone, iPad and Mac sales. The consumer tech giant did manage to beat analyst expectations earning $42.4 billion for the quarter, but it also saw its biggest decline in iPhone sales sinces its first handset slump in March. Apple reported that it shipped only 40.4 million iPhone units in Q3 of 2016, compared to 47.5 million units from last year. The iPad also continued its slide falling 9% with 9.95 million tablets sold, and Mac sales fell 11%, marking another quarter of decline. Apple once again did not release numbers for the Apple Watch or Apple TV.


Harley Quinn announced for Teeny Titans

Harley Quinn Teeny Titans

It has been a big year for Pokémon and Pokémon parodies on the Apple App Store. Adult Swim got the ball rolling in January by releasing its own Pokémon clone called Pocket Mortys, then Cartoon Network and Grumpyface Studios got in on the fun by releasing Teeny Titans. Both games are a lot of fun and highly recommended, especially when you rather catch 'em all sitting on your couch than by going outside to play Pokémon GO. Adult Swim has been doing a great job of keeping Pocket Mortys updated with new content, and Grumpyface announced this weekend that it also has big plans for Teeny Titans.

New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: Terra Monsters 3 and more

Guild of Dungeoneering

It's no Pokémon Go, but if you want to collect monsters from your couch instead of going outside, Terra Monsters 3 is now available on the App Store. Terra Monsters includes over a hundred 3D monsters to collect, 3v3 3D battles and over 24 hours of gameplay. Terra Monsters 3 is $1.99 and it supports all devices running iOS 9.1 or later.

The new dungeon crawler that we highlighted last week is now available for all iOS devices. Guild of Dungeoneering was originally thought to be an iPad-only title, but it turned out to be a universal app. In Guild of Dungeoneering you become the ultimate Dungeon Master by building a dungeon around your hero and coaxing him or her through quests to restore your guild to its ultimate glory. The game is a turn-based RPG where players utilize cards to construct a dungeon full of monsters, traps and treasure. Guild of Dungeoneering is available on the App Store for $3.99.

Rule with an Iron Fish updated with universal iPad support

Rule with an Iron Fish

The well reviewed "pirate fishing RPG," Rule with an Iron Fish has been updated today with iPad support and other small bug fixes. Iron Fish is simple fishing game that has been earning rave reviews from Touch Arcade forum members. The game is part clicker and part RPG where players can earn rewards by fishing after being shipwrecked on an island with other characters. In their official review, Touch Arcade praised the game for offering hours of entertainment without any annoying IAPs.

Pixelmator updated with Quick and Magnetic Selection tools

Quick and Magnetic Selection

The popular photo editing tool Pixelmator has been updated to version 2.3. The update adds two new selection tools and a variety of other improvements.

The Quick Selection tool allows users to "make incredibly accurate selections," according to the release notes. This is helpful on touchscreen devices since it is harder to pinpoint an object to edit on smaller screens. The Magnetic Selection tool uses edge detection algorithms to "snap" precisely to the objects you trace.

New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: Ghostbusters: Slime City and more

Card Wars Kingdom

In anticipation of the release of Ghostbusters, in theaters today, Activision, in collaboration with Sony Pictures has launched two new ghost busting games. Ghostbusters is a new console title that picks up after the ending of the reboot. Players can command a squad of rookie ghostbusters as they rid the city of rogue spirits. The game features hidden collectibles and the ability to upgrade characters with new gear and abilities. Ghostbusters is available now for $50 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows.

Pre-register now for Mobius Final Fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy

Square Enix has opened pre-registration for its upcoming mobile Final Fantasy title, Mobius. RPG fans in the US and Europe can now pre-register and earn early rewards at In-game bonuses will be decided by how many users register for the game. For example, 50,000 registrations will unlock an exclusive Yuna card. In-game rewards will be sent to registered players once the game is finally released. All you need to register is a valid email address.

Camera+ for iPad updated to version 2.0 with new editing tools and Apple Pencil support

Camera+ 2 for iPad

It has been a long time since the Camera+ app for the iPad has received any updates, but today developer Tap tap tap has officially launched Camera+ 2 for iPad. The photo taking app has finally been updated with a new UI that matches the changes the iPad has seen since iOS 6. The app also now includes the professional photo editing tool, The Lab, which was introduced on the iPhone a few versions ago. Other new features include Apple Pencil and multitasking support.


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