Alien Shooter EX Free for a Limited Time

Alien Shooter EX. is now free for a limited time. The game is a top-down 3D shooter with RPG-like elements. Players control a soldier who must come out of retirement to ward off an alien invasion. Each stage includes different tasks such as finding survivors, collecting data, solving puzzles and of course blasting aliens.

Alien Shooter EX.

Players can explore expansive 3D worlds while collecting data on their enemy to better their chances of surviving the invasion. The game also features "uncluttered" dual touchscreen joystick controls, dozens of "space-esque weapons," 25 levels, 40 achievements and multiplayer action.

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Here's What the Space Grey iPad 5 Will Look Like

The reliable Sonny Dickson published a detailed image gallery of the fifth-generation iPad. Dickson is the Australian writer who gave us an accurate early look at the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. The new images depict the upcoming 9.7-inch slate's casing and front panel in space grey.

iPad 5

This is just one of many leaks showing off the new iPad in parts, but it also the most thorough. The gallery features over 70 alleged high-res images of the upcoming tablet.

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Analyst Predicts 12-inch iPad and 5.7-inch iPhone for 2014

Analyst David Hsieh has released a report on Apple's upcoming 2014 products based on his supply chain research. Hsieh believes "Apple is planning to revamp nearly all of the displays in its products over the next year." This includes a 12.9-inch iPad with a 2,732 × 2,048 resolution, a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.7-inch iPhone with a 1,920 x 1,080 display. Hsieh also said Apple will release an iWatch, a new Retina MacBook Air, and an Apple-branded TV sometime next year.

iPad 6

Hsieh notes that "rapid developments in technology and manufacturing of LCD and OLED displays" has made it easier for Apple's competitors to challenge the Cupertino company.

"Apple is no longer able to offer unique features in its displays as a long-term differentiator. Mobile device brands are adopting the latest displays with large sizes, high resolution, wide color gamut and low color shift wide viewing angle, and low power consumption, supplied by many panel makers not 'bounded by Apple. Introduction of the iPhone 5S and 5C was the latest example that Apple has been slow in adopting the latest display technologies.

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iPad 5 Event Now Rumored for October 22

We now have two rumored dates for Apple's next-generation iPad event. John Paczkowski of AllThingsD claims Apple will unveil its new iPad lineup on October 22, 2013, not on October 15 like a previous rumor had suggested. Apple will announce its fifth-generation iPad, iPad mini with Retina display, its new Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks at the event, according to people familiar with the company's plans.

iPad 5 Gold

The fifth-generation iPad is expected to receive a new iPad-mini like redesign, an improved camera and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor like seen on the iPhone 5s. The iPad mini 2 will be upgraded with an A7 chip and Retina display. However, Reuters previously reported that the iPad mini 2 will be available in limited quantities during the holiday season.

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PC Classic Transport Tycoon Now Available for the iPad

The 1994 PC game Transport Tycoon has officially been ported to iOS devices and is now available on the Apple App Store. The business simulation game allows users to control and build a transport company from the ground up. The iOS version of the game includes all the classic elements of the original, plus various new features, expanded worlds and a large variety of land, sea and air vehicles.

Transport Tycoon iPad

The official app description touts "over 150 vehicle types", a "wide range of beautiful landscapes including deserts, forests, mountains, valleys and islands", and "real-world" scenarios modeled after "regions of North America and Europe at different periods in the 20th century." Players must compete against A.I.-driven competitor companies while playing through 49 scenarios and taking on various challenges.

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Trade In Your Used iPad Before the Next Generation is Announced

If you are considering upgrading to the iPad 5 or iPad mini 2, then you may want to sell your used model before the next generation of Apple tablets are announced. Both Nextworth and Gazelle are currently accepting trade-ins for all older iPad and iPad mini models. You can get up to $400 for a used iPad, and up to $220 for a used iPad mini. This is a good time to sell since these values will decrease once the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 are officially released.

iPad mini Trade In Value

Selling your used iPad is easy. Just visit or, locate your iPad model, and truthfully answer a few simple questions. You'll then receive a quote based on your device's current projected value in the secondary market.

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More Proof iPad 5 Will Feature Touch ID

For those who aren't already convinced, Unbox Therapy did some legwork to prove once and for all the next generation iPad will include Apple's Touch ID system. Leaked photos have shown the iPhone 5s-style home button on an upcoming iPad mini, however this is the first time someone has used iPad 5 parts to confirm the new hardware design.

Touch ID coming to iPad 5

In the video below, an iPhone 5s is disassembled to extract the fingerprint sensor. While an older iPhone home button will not fit into the iPad 5 front bezel, the iPhone 5s home button meshes perfectly with the new part. Considering that Apple is launching two new iPad models, it seems logical that they would both carry the upgraded home button.

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iOS 7 Causing Big Headaches for Some School Administrators

iOS 7 has found a new way to cause headaches, this time affecting school administrators across the country. Several schools have reported that their students' iPads have been stripped of their security filters after installing the new operating system.

iPad iOS 7 Bug

AllThingsD published a memo which was sent to the parents of students in Manitou Springs (Colo.) School District 14.

“Apple did not realize that installing iOS 7 would remove our (and thousands of organizations across the country) safety protection measure, which now makes the iPad devices unfiltered when accessing the Internet away from school. In the short term, the district will be collecting iPad devices at the end of each day until the safety protection measure is reinstalled.”

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iPad mini with Retina Display Could Face Shortages Like the Gold iPhone

It looks like the iPad mini 2 shortage rumors may be true. Reuters reported today that "Apple Inc will be unable to widely roll out a new version of the iPad Mini with a high-resolution 'retina' display this month." Supply chain sources have confirmed that the company has just started making Retina displays for the next-generation iPad mini. If true, this means the iPad mini 2 will only be available in limited quantities or not at all during the holidays.

iPad mini 2

There have been previous rumors that Apple will release an updated iPad mini without Retina display later this month, but it is unlikely.

"If they don't put in retina ... there will be howls," said Frank Gillett, an analyst with Forrester.

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Belkin Announces New Express Dock with Built-In 4-foot USB Cable

The Belkin Express Dock for the iPad is now available for purchase. The dock features a 4-foot USB cable and Lightning connector that works with the iPad 4, iPad mini, iPhone 5, and iPod touch 5th generation. The dock is also equipped with an adjustable dial so it can accommodate "most" iPad cases.

Staples iPad

The built-in 4-foot USB cable allows you to connect the dock to your laptop so you can sync and charge at the same time, or you can connect it to your own power source or wall outlet. The dock also keeps your device in an upright position so you can watch videos, read or surf the web while charging.

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