Showtime announces new online streaming service

Showtime Streaming iOS

As expected, Showtime has joined HBO in cutting the cord by officially announcing its own standalone streaming service. Anyone with an Apple device will be able to receive unlimited access to Showtime programming for only $10.99 a month, which is $4 cheaper than HBO NOW. The service will be available exclusively on iOS devices and Apple TV starting on July 12.

Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville trailer, coming to iOS this summer

Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville is the third title of Sarah Northway's strategy sim series which started as a free Flash game before making its way to iOS and other mobile devices. In Rebuild players must rebuild their city during a zombie apocalypse while also trying to survive rival gang attacks, illness, starvation and internal conflicts. Players can expand their city by taking over neighboring houses, farms, malls and other buildings while scavenging for food, building defenses, recruiting new citizens and more. The game features several different endings, the ability to research new technologies and the ability to customize skills, tools and weapons. If you have never played any of the Rebuild games, I highly recommend them.

Apple adds more editor curated lists to App Store

Apple App Store

The new trend seems to be human curated lists for music streaming apps, and now Apple is bringing the same idea to the App Store. Apple is in talks to sign Drake, Pharrell Williams and other big name stars to be guest DJs for its revamped iTunes music service, according to the New York Post. The report also claims that Apple is in deep negotiations for its new $10 a month streaming service which will reportedly borrow the best features from Pandora, Spotify and YouTube. Apple plans to offer not only music, but videos, artists’ pages, and a "YouTube-style post-it-yourself destination called Apple Connect" through the new service. This is in addition to the revamped iTunes Radio and standalone Beats Music subscription service expected to be announced at WWDC 2015.

New iPad Games and Apps of the Week: Desktop Dungeons and more

Google Cardboard

As promised, the photo editing app Pixelmator has been updated with iPhone support and several new features. Owners of the iPad app can update to the universal app for free. Here's the long list of new features, improvements and bug fixes:

• Pixelmator is now available for iPhone.
• Metal-powered Distort tools allow you to pinch, bump, twirl, and warp areas of your images.
• The Clone tool lets you duplicate areas of your image.
• The new Repair Selection feature instantly repairs selected areas.
• There are now more pre-designed shapes and text styles for you to choose from.
• We’ve added additional layer templates, too.
• The new Hue adjustment setting lets you customize the look of Light Leak and Bokeh effects.
• The enhanced Repair tool interface now lets you cancel repairing while in process, see the percent progress of the repair, and hide the layers palette while still repairing.
• You can now zoom into your image more than 1000 percent while painting, if you like.
• Working with text and shape layers is now much faster.
• Fonts are now sorted just as they should be — alphabetically.
• You can now see the color value while adjusting the white balance with the Eyedropper.
• Now you can share more than one image per session via AirDrop.
• Previously, a newly added layer would appear at the top of the layers palette. Now, it is placed above the selected layer.
• Full Screen mode now hides the bottom bar of the interface.
• Previously, the popover menus were hidden after rotating the device. We fixed that.
• We’ve updated to the latest stylus SDKs for a better painting experience.
• The app used to quit unexpectedly when it was put to sleep while repairing. Not anymore.
• We’ve also enhanced the overall performance of the app so you can enjoy a much more seamless image-editing process.

Image editor Pixelmator now a universal app for both iPad and iPhone

Pixelmator for iPhone

The popular image editor Pixelmator has been updated with iPhone support. The app was originally developed for Mac OS X, but in 2014 it was rebuilt from the ground up for iOS and launched on the iPad. Now all iOS users can take advantage of its photo editing tools on any device running iOS 8.3 or later.

Google begins indexing iOS apps in mobile search results

Open Table

Google announced today that it is has begun indexing iOS apps with a "small group of test partners". This means iOS users will eventually be able to open app content directly from Google Search on their iOS devices. The initial test links will begin showing in the Google App and Chrome for "signed-in users globally in the coming weeks."


HBO GO iOS app updated with HDMI output support


The HBO GO app for iOS devices has been upgraded to version 3.0.1. The update fixes a bug that was affecting "video playback through BlueTooth audio," and adds support for HDMI output. This means iPad owners with a Lightning to HDMI adapter will now be able to connect their device directly to their TV for lag-free video.


Force Touch and improved keyboard coming to next-generation iPad

WWDC15 Logo

All next-generation Apple devices, including the rumored iPhone 6s, will have Force Touch technology by the end of this year, according to 9to5Mac. Sources have confirmed that Apple has "designed iOS 9 to be Force Touch-ready" and the iPhone 6s will ship with a Force Touch display with haptic feedback.

Desktop Dungeons Enhanced Edition coming to tablets on May 28

QCF Design has announced that Desktop Dungeons will be available for the iPad on May 28. The roguelike RPG will cost $9.99, and it will feature all the new Enhanced Edition content that was released to the PC version in April. This includes the seeded adventures called DERPs and cloud support.


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