Pixelmator updated with HEIF and Drag and Drop support

Drag and Drop

The popular photo editing app Pixelmator has been updated to version 2.4 with full support for iOS 11 and its new features. The update includes HEIF image support. High-efficiency image formats allow users to retain high image quality while using half the space as a JPEG. HEIF was introduced by Apple in iOS 11 and are used by the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 by default.

KGI Securities' analyst Ming-Chi Kuo: Face ID coming to iPad in 2018

Face ID

Last week we predicted that Apple probably will not implement many iPhone X features to the iPad in 2018. Instead we said that the next-generation iPad will most likely gain an IP67 waterproof rating and lose its headphone jack like the current iPhone models. However, trusted KGI Securities' analyst Ming-Chi Kuo doesn't agree with us.

In an investor's note obtained by MacRumors, Kuo said Apple will add TrueDepth cameras and Face ID to all iPhone and iPad Pro models released in 2018.

New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: Stranger Things and more

Batman: The Enemy Within

Stranger Things: The Game was released to the App Store ahead of the second season's October 27th release. It's a 8-bit recreation of the fictional town Hawkins, Indiana where players can explore, solve puzzles, find Eggos and gnomes, and unlock hidden locations. The game is available for free on the App Store. You can watch the trailer here.

DigimonLinks has made its way to the US. The new monster collecting title allows players to train their own army of Digimon and compete in 3-on-3 battles. Players can also build their own digital farms to train their Digimon. The game is available for free on the App Store.

DigimonLinks now available on the App Store


Pokémon has a new challenger on the Apple App Store -- Bandai Namco's DigimonLinks. The monster battler has been available in Japan for quite a while, but today it has finally made its way to the US. Bandai Namco last week released a trailer highlighting the game's battle system and other features. You can watch it below.

Will Apple continue with the iPad Pro or launch the iPad X?

iPhone X Symbol

Now that the iPhone 8 has been released and the iPhone X has been revealed some Apple fans are wondering what is next for the iPad. Apple typically releases new features for its iPhone models before adapting them to their iPad lineup. For example, the iPhone 5s launched with Touch ID before the iPad Air 2. This year Apple has added several new features to its iPhone lineup making fans wonder what new features will come to the next-generation iPad. Here's a quick look at a few of the more popular iPhone X features that could be adapted to the iPad.

Save $100 on the purchase of an 10.5-inch iPad Pro [Deals]

Best Buy Sale

Best Buy has discounted the 10.5-inch WiFi-only iPad by $100. All three storage capacities and all colors are available. The 64GB model has been marked down from $649 to $549, the 256GB version is now $699 and the 512GB model is only $899. You can head on over to Best Buy's online store to purchase any of the discounted models.

New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: NBA 2K18 and more

Daisy Super Mario Run

Apple this week released iOS 11 putting an end to 32-bit apps on the App Store. While many games and apps were rendered useless with the release of Apple's new OS, a lot of developers stepped up by making their titles 64-bit compatible. Two of those games are XCOM: Enemy Within and the zombie shooter Aftermath. You can check what apps will not work on your device by following these instructions.

2K updates XCOM: Enemy Within with 64-bit support

XCOM: Enemy Within

The Appocalypse arrived this week rendering lots of App Store titles useless, but the popular XCOM: Enemy Within in not one of the iOS 11 casualties.

In case you didn't know, Apple stopped supporting 32-bit apps with the release of iOS 11. Any app not updated to support 64-bit will no longer work on newer devices, like the iPhone X, or devices updated to iOS 11 or later. A lot of apps were left to fall on the wayside after the rollout, but a lot of developers also surprised mobile gamers by actually updating their titles with 64-bit support.

How to use the improved Dock on your iPad in iOS 11 (and later)

iOS 11 iPad Dock

After installing iOS 11 iPad owners will want to familiarize themselves with the redesigned Dock. To access the Dock just swipe up from the bottom of your display at anytime on your iPad. This includes when you're using any apps or from any other screens, like the Home screen.

You can add up to 13 permanent apps to your Dock by using the new Drag and Drop feature in iOS 11. Just drag whatever app you want to the Dock and it will be added for quick access. Continuing to swipe up once the Dock is open will open your Control Center and the new multitasking interface. The Dock also includes 3 suggested apps in addition to your manually added 13. You can disable suggested apps by following these instructions.


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