Stream Live Television Free on Your iPad

Now all you need to watch live television on your iPad is to open the Safari web browser. A new service called FilmOn makes it possible to watch broadcast stations on iPads and other Apple iOS devices from anywhere. NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS and others are just some of the stations accessible through the web site, Some stations can also be watched on your computer's web browser or with an application download.

Apple iPad Live HD Television Film On

No app is required on the iPad. Local stations from Los Angeles are currently available entirely for free. Right now the streaming web video service charges a $9.95 monthly subscription fee to unlock additional stations. The networks are suing, of course.

Apple Launches Free Engraving on iPads

As expected, Apple has begun to custom-engrave new iPads just in time for the holiday shopping season. Along with the free engraving service, iPads can be shipped to a gift recipient in a signature Apple gift box along with a personalized greeting card. iPads are now shipping within 24 hours from the online Apple Store, although engraving will delay shipment to 1-3 days.

Apple iPad Engraving

The text of your choice will be laser engraved directly on the aluminum back of the iPad, above the Apple logo and near the top edge of the iPad. The message can be two lines of up to 35 characters each. Apple has offered the service on its products since 2002, when they initially charged $49 to engrave the 10 GB iPod.

PBS Launches New iPad Application

Remember that weird PBS logo that showed up on the TV when you were a kid? Or maybe you didn't watch Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street? Well it's coming to an iPad near you. PBS is focusing a new, free iPad app on educating and entertaining adults as well as children. Already PBS offers six iPad and iPhone apps aimed exclusively at kids.

Apple iPad App PBS

The iPad app launch coincides with a revamp of the website and will focus initially on the six-part documentary Circus. The iPad app will feature content from 354 local public stations across the country. The app is all part of a drive initiated almost two years ago to bring PBS fully into the multimedia realm as a major content provider.

Verizon iPad Bundle Saves on MiFi Data

Now that Verizon Wireless will start selling the iPad next week, subscribers can take advantage of special data rates on the company's 3G cellular data network. In order to qualify for the special month-to-month data plans, Verizon customers must purchase the iPad and MiFi promotional bundle. Those who already have MiFi units will not be eligible for the iPad data plans.

Apple iPad MiFi Verizon Wireless

The MiFi creates a portable Wi-Fi hotspot wherever Verizon's cellular data network has service, and can be powered via USB or with the included four-hour lithium battery. Up to five Wi-Fi devices can be connected to the MiFi within 25 feet of the device. Verizon will sell the Wi-Fi only version of the Apple iPad since the iPad 3G hardware is only compatible with the AT&T network.

iPad Firmware Update iOS 4.2 Beta Includes Tethering

Most people think of Internet tethering as something they have running on another device such as an iPhone to provide Wi-Fi to their iPads. Developers checking out the latest iOS 4.2 beta have found that Apple has now included the feature on iPads, allowing the iPad to share an Internet connection with other devices.

Apple iPad iOS 4.2 Internet Tethering Wi-Fi

The discovery was made on iPads outside of the United States, with screenshots posted from two different wireless carriers in Europe; one in the UK and the other in Sweden. It's not clear if Apple plans to launch the feature in the final public release of iOS 4.2 coming to the iPad in November.

MobileMe Gallery App Gets iPad Support

Good news for those MobileMe subscribers who have been waiting to see their photo gallery using an app on the iPad. Apple has just released an updated version of the MobileMe Gallery application that is optimized for the iPad and iPhone 4. This free universal app makes it possible to see all published albums and movies.

Apple iPad MobileMe Gallery App

Of course you can browse photos by album and use multi-touch features such as pinch to zoom while looking at your image library. The app automatically downloads and stores photos you've already viewed to the iPad so that later you can see them without a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

First Look: ClayWare Pad Bracket iPad Wall Mount

ClayWare Games has launched their Pad Bracket, a simple but useful plastic bracket that instantly mounts the iPad to walls. The product ships with two screws and matching plastic anchors to attach the Pad Bracket in your desired location. The iPad can be placed on the wall in portrait or landscape orientation and all of the buttons and ports are accessible.

Here are some first look photos of the Pad Bracket. We'll be installing and testing the Pad Bracket so keep an eye out for our full review coming soon!

Update: Check out our full review of the ClayWare Games Pad Bracket.

iPad Hacked to Run New Operating System

Well it's the moment you might have been waiting for... an intrepid programmer has hacked the open-source Chrome based operating system Chromium to run on an iPad. That's right, no iOS 3.2.2 firmware here. This appears to be the first time the iPad has been hacked to run an entirely new operating system.

Apple iPad Hacked for new OS

Hexxeh posted a photo and video of his hybrid creation on the web. Chrome OS and iOS 4.2 are sure to battle in the coming months when both are released to the public. Apple headquarters must be horrified that Hexxeh has created a working version of the iPad running Google's competing OS.

Target iPad Sales Confirmed for October 3

Now consumers will have a choice of three retail outlets in the US when they look to purchase an iPad this fall. Photos of a Target retail PDA that were sent to Engadget have been confirmed by a press conference announcement from the company. Target will carry all six current iPad models starting on Sunday, October 3.

Apple iPad Sales Target Launch

Walmart now has its eyes set on the Apple tablet and hopes to carry the device by the end of 2010. Maybe they'll even knock a few dollars off the price to compete. When it comes to Target, the iPad will be situated in the Digital Audio section of the store, alongside Amazon's Kindle ebook reader.

Yes, Facebook is Down: Now Go Outside

If any of you are trying to access Facebook from your PC, iPad, iPhone or what have you -- you may be having some issues. As numerous sources, including the folks at Facebook have confirmed, Facebook is currently down. Evidently, network issues that are outside of Facebook's control have resulted in a service outage.

facebook is down


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