Hulu Abandoning Flash for the iPad?

A new rumor, circulated this week, suggests that Hulu is actively developing a solution to bring a compatible version of the second largest video outlet on the web to the iPad. The current version of the Hulu website is not iPad compatible, due to the lack of Flash support. Hulu uses Flash to deliver its video content to viewers.

hulu coming to the ipad?

An inside source has purported that Hulu is already moving forward on plans to bring Hulu to the iPad, and while unsubstantiated, the claim makes a reasonable amount of sense. One one hand, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar has called for a strong focus on moving into mobile. On another hand, although Hulu uses Flash to deliver their video content, the shows and movies that Hulu offers viewers is actually already encoded in

Apple iPad Could Ship With Built-in Camera

Evidence has surfaced that Apple iPad prototypes and possibly the model demoed by Steve Jobs himself have an integrated forward-facing camera. Photos have shown possible built-in cameras just like the iSight camera installed on current iMac models.

Apple iPad webcam

By no means definitive, this enhanced photo from Wired shows a light, round spot right where one would expect the iSight camera to be located. The iMac bezel has an identical design and existing iSight cameras, which are used for video chat and photo taking, appear much the same.

Apple in iPad Negotiations with Verizon and UK Carriers

Some industry observers expected Apple to roll out the iPad on multiple wireless data carriers, but as we all know the company settled on AT&T. Reports have surfaced that AT&T simply outbid the competition to get the deal.

Discussions between Apple and Verizon Wireless are said to be ongoing, however the carrier's CDMA technology will be obsolete in the not-too-long run. That being said, rumors are still floating around that the iPad will hit the Verizon network before the end of 2010.

Get the iPad Wallpaper for your Desktop

A few days ago, we posted the iPad Wallpaper for your iPhone. For non-jailbroken iPhone users, this allowed you to achieve little bit of an iPad feel, while jailbroken iPhones could be combined with Winterboard and other mods/applications to achieve a theme almost identical to the iPad seen during the Apple iPad announcement event.

ipad wallpaper for desktop 1920x1200

Despite thousands of users already having downloaded the iPhone version of the iPad Wallpaper, many users have inquired about a desktop-sized version of the

iPad Will Support 3G VoIP Calling

It's official: Apple and AT&T will allow VoIP calls over the 3G network, presumably using an iPad or an iPhone. We knew the iPad included a microphone and speaker, however the big news regarding VoIP was revealed in the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK (Software Development Kit) released by Apple yesterday.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) makes it possible to use services like Skype to make voice calls over the Internet. AT&T and Apple have restricted VoIP applications on the iPhone to Wi-Fi in the past. Now developers are free to develop applications with this capability over the 3G cellular network.

iBookstore Will Only Launch in US

The iPad is tackling the electronic book market with Apple bringing a brand new content store online, the iBookstore. Titles can be previewed, purchased and read immediately using the iPad-specific application iBooks.

Apple iPhone iPad software

This is great for iPad users in the United States, however it will take some time for the iBookstore to come online in other countries. Problem is that Apple needs to make deals with publishers to offer local content in conformance with local copyright laws.

Get the iPad Wallpaper for your iPhone

As is the case with pretty much every new Apple wallpaper that comes along, Apple fans are quickly scrambling to get their hands on it as soon as it is revealed in the wild. The situation has been much the same with the new iPad wallpaper that was shown on the iPad at yesterday's keynote.

One of our new readers has sent along a iPhone-sized copy of the new iPad wallpaper sized for use on the iPhone.

Apple iPad Wallpaper for the iPhone

Apple May Have to Defend iPad Name

Turns out that Apple is not the first company to use iPad to name one of its products. Apple ran into similar problems after it launched the iPhone in 2007, when Cisco sued for infringement.

Apple and Cisco have settled their disagreement, but what looms on the horizon for the iPad name? Japanese tech company Fujitsu first applied for an iPad trademark in 2003, and currently sells a mobile device under the name.

Adobe: No Flash on Apple iPad

For a brief moment during Steve Job's demo of the Apple iPad we all glimpsed the infamous "missing plug-in" icon on the New York Times website. It seems that Mobile Safari, even on a more formidable device than the iPhone, will continue to lack Flash.

Apple iPad no flash

Apple has cited battery life and security issues as reasons why the popular plug-in never made it onto the iPhone. Now Adobe has posted a response to Apple's similar position regarding the iPad.

Engadget Scorecard Compares iPad Rumor vs. Reality

As you're all well too familiar, the leadup to the announcement of the iPad was wrought with rumor after rumor of what exactly the iPad was going to bring to the table.

As a recent post on Engadget points out, these rumors evidently go back to 2002. Of all the prognosticators and soothsayers, of all the "inside sources" and leaks, no one got it quite right, which is no surprise as Apple has gotten quite good at keeping secrets over the years.

The most accurate predictions about the iPad



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