iPad Release and Pre-Order Dates Announced

Finally all the speculation and rumors about delays, release dates, and pre-order scenarios can be put to rest. Today, Apple announced release date information for the WiFi only iPad models as well as pre-order dates for both the WiFi and WiFi + 3G iPad models. Though the iPad is hitting shelves a week or so later than anticipated, the announcement puts to rest concerns about major delays and supply shortages that originated from analyst rumors circulated earlier this week.

ipad release date announced

The WiFi only iPad models will be available to customers on

iPad Production Delays in Second Report

Just this week analyst Peter MIsek made waves when he announced that production bottlenecks could limit or delay the iPad release later this month. Now a second report by Think Equity analyst Vijay Rakesh confirms Taiwanese manufacturers have encountered minor issues that could set back Apple's plans.

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The issues are said to be temporary and have stalled increases in production that were expected in February. As a result, there may be only 200-250K iPads ready for launch. Rakesh explains that future monthly production will hit at least 800K units starting in April.


AT&T CEO: iPad is a Wi-Fi Driven Product

In comments this week, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said he expects most people to use the iPad on Wi-Fi networks. The exclusive provider of 3G service to Apple's revolutionary new tablet computer just isn't expecting a lot of subscriptions to the data plan.

Apple iPad 3G ATT Carrier

Stephenson explained in an investor conference, "my expectation is that there's not going to be a lot of people out there looking for another subscription." The subscription he's referring to is a $30 monthly unlimited data plan for 3G iPads. A limited plan (250 MB) is also available for $15 a month.

iPad Release Date March 26th "Rumored"

Just one day after one analyst with a poor track record initiated grumblings about iPad production issues leading to supply shortages, a number of outlets are reporting rumors about the iPad release date. Countless blogs and news sites have been reporting "leaked information" that suggests the iPad is coming to stores on March 26th.

apple ipad release date info

The most surprising thing about this "revelation" is why it is causing such a stir. March 26th simply lines up with the original release Steve Jobs indicated during the iPad announcement and is the iPad release date that we here at The iPad Guide along with

Will the iPad Launch Be Delayed?

Anyone experienced with following the buzz surrounding most gadgets, and especially Apple gadgets knows that analyst predictions often drum up a lot of attention. More often than not, these analyst predictions turn out to be off-base, but from time to time they're accurate. The latest analyst prediction from Canaccord Adam's Peter Misek warns investors that the upcoming launch/release of the Apple iPad may be limited to the US or possibly delayed up to a month.

hon hai precision line worker

In a letter written to investors issued Monday, Misek wrote "the upcoming iPad launch may be somewhat limited as a manufacturing bottleneck has impacted production of Apple's newest device. An unspecified production problem at the iPad's manufacturer, Hon Hai Precision, will likely limit the launch region to the US and the number of units available to roughly

AP Developing Subscription iPad App

The Associated Press (AP) announced a new business unit dubbed AP Gateway would take over the development of AP products and content distribution for mobile devices. The company is putting the finishing touches on an iPad application to be ready for release when the iPad ships in late March.

iPad app AP news reader subscription

Pricing for the AP app was not announced, although the company suggested it could be released free of charge for a limited time. The AP Mobile iPhone application is currently free and provides access to over 1,000 news sources updated in real time.

SquareTrade to Offer iPad Insurance

SquareTrade, a third party company that sells insurance/warranty policies for a wide range of technological gadgets, announced recently that it will unsurprisingly offer coverage for the yet-to-be-released Apple iPad. SquareTrade's policies offer an additional period of coverage extending beyond the original manufacturer's warranty on most devices and also offer accidental damage coverage, similar to many coverage plans for mobile phones.

squaretrade ipad insurance warranty

Although the details of Apple's AppleCare warranty for the iPad are yet unknown, it is assumed that it will -- like all other AppleCare warranties -- fail to protect device owners in the event of accidental damage. SquareTrade expects iPad owners to

Survey: iPad Demand Beats Original iPhone

Apple may have another winner on its hands. According to a survey of 3,200 consumers 13 percent of respondents declared they were somewhat or very likely to purchase an iPad. A similar survey regarding the original iPhone in 2007 found that only 9 percent gave the same answer.

The main reason more people are interested in the iPad has to do with its lower starting price of $499. Almost a third of survey-takers in 2007 thought the iPhone price was too high. Similar negative responses about iPad pricing only comprised 8 percent.

iPad to be Sold at Best Buy Retail Locations

During a presentation at the Goldman Sachs annual technology conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, Apple chief operating officer Tim Cook revealed that his company intends to sell the highly anticipated iPad not only through Apple online and retail locations, but through their assisted sales partners such as Best Buy.

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