Is Apple Planning to Release an iPad mini Air?

There hasn't been much talk about the next-generation iPad mini because everyone is mostly focused on Apple's larger iPhone 6 models and rumored iWatch. However, a new report from the Chinese site UDN claims that the third-generation iPad mini will be dropping the "with Retina display" from its name in favor of the word "Air". This is because Apple is reportedly planning to launch a 30 percent thinner iPad mini later this year.

iPad mini Air

The iPad mini with Retina display is 7.5mm thin, and Apple plans to make it thinner by using a new manufacturing technique to shave off two millimeters. The iPad mini Air will also allegedly be powered by Apple's new and faster A8 processor.

If the rumor mill is to be believed, then Apple plans to release a staggering amount of new products this fall.

Today The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple plans to order 70-80 million next-generation iPhones by December 30th. The company is also reportedly preparing to launch three iWatch models, a new iPad Air and a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. That's a total of 8 new products, and that's not counting any future MacBook Air models.

It is still unknown if the next-generation iPad Air or iPad mini will feature the Touch ID technology found on the iPhone 5s. Some analysts believe Apple will include the fingerprint sensor on its next-generation iPad models and use it as a major selling point for its future iPad lineup.

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