Apple Showing iPad Pre-Orders as 'Prepared for Shipment'

Many customers who pre-ordered an iPad for delivery on launch day are now seeing updates to their iPad order status. WiFi only iPad models, in many cases, have had their status updated to 'Prepared for Shipment' (see screen shot below). Knowing their brand new iPad is boxed up and ready to go, simply awaiting dispatch, will certainly make already impatient iPad buyers even more itchy for next Saturday's shipment to arrive.

ipad prepared for shipment

Although it may not come as a surprise given earlier reports of expected delays with the shipment of Apple's iPad accessories, customers who also purchased iPad accessories at the time their iPad pre-order was completed have yet to see their accessories updated to prepared for shipment status.

It is important to note that not all iPad pre-orders have been updated to the new status. Apple is obviously

getting iPads boxed up and ready to ship as quickly as they can, but clearly hasn't gotten to every order yet. Customers who's iPads remain in 'Not Yet Shipped' status shouldn't be alarmed. For the most part, Apple seems to be handling these in the order they were received, with later pre-orders and orders that were later modified remaining in unprepared status.

Apple has also closed the in-store reservation program. iPads are no longer available for reservation for in-store pickup on April 3rd. On that same note, pre-orders placed on the Apple store are now no-longer slated for shipping on April 3rd. Customers who have yet to pre-order may still do so, but should be aware that the shipping date for new pre-orders has been pushed back.

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