Camp Pokémon Now Available for the iPad and iPhone

After bringing its online game Pokémon TCG Online to the iPad, The Pokémon Company has released Camp Pokémon to the App Store. The game is aimed at toddlers more than older Pokémon fans, but its release shows that the Nintendo subsidiary is at least willing to embrace mobile devices.

The game encourages children ages 6-8 to "discover the amazing world of Pokémon" by participating in activities on a Pokémon-themed island. The app features six games for children to play to sharpen their Pokémon trainer skills. The activities include Poké Ball Throw, Find the Pokémon, trivia and more. You can see all of the activities in action in the trailer posted above.

Camp Pokémon also features the ability to collect stickers and create your own Pokémon photos using your device's built-in camera. The game is rated 4+ and is available now for free on the App Store. It supports all devices running iOS 6.0 or later, and it does not feature any in-app purchases.

Hopefully this is another stepping stone towards Nintendo and The Pokémon Company releasing or creating more games for mobile devices.

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