Comex Still Working on iPad 2 Jailbreak

Following anyone's Twitter conversation can be a confusing experience, especially when it involves something as technical as an iOS jailbreak, but two recent tweets from Comex suggests he is still working on the rumored iPad 2 jailbreak we've all been waiting for.


After several hints, teases, and an actual confirmation a rumored July 17 release date was announced, but was quickly shot down by Comex and his team. This week Comex admitted that the iPad 2 jailbreak is late tweeting, "See, I’m always lying about my release dates."

Previously, Comex released a long explanation basically saying the new jailbreak will be easier to perform, but what do all these reports and tweets mean? The same as before, interpreting his tweets makes it look like an iPad 2 jailbreak could be right around the corner.

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