Display Upcoming Calendar Events on Your iOS Lock Screen

Calendar for Lockscreen is a new jailbreak tweak that displays your upcoming calender events on your Lock screen. Unlike notifications, the events will not disappear after you unlock your device, and they will only be removed after they have expired.

Calendar for Lockscreen

The tweak even allows you to customize how your events will be displayed. You can go do this by navigating to Settings > Calendar for Lockscreen. From here you can choose how many events to display, how many days in advance they should display, color / size of text and so on. Calendar for Lockscreen also features the ability to swipe right on an event to open your Calendar app.

Other features include the ability to change the notification icon, disable wallpaper blur, and hide separator lines.

The tweak does not affect other Lock screen notifications and it is compatible with iOS 7. You can nab Calendar for Lockscreen in the BigBoss repo for $1.99. Your upcoming events will instantly be pushed to your Lock screen as soon as the tweak is installed.

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