Double Your Data When You Add a Tablet to Your T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan

It has been difficult keeping up with all the different T-Mobile promotions since the company re-branded itself as the "UnCarrier" and changed the way other mobile providers, such as AT&T, do business. The magenta company has pulled all kinds of stunts in the past like paying off its users' early termination fees and even offering BlackBerry users money to switch devices. And now T-Mobile has rolled out two new plans to help customers "avoid the old-guard carriers’ shared data schemes and overages".

T-Mobile Double Data

T-Mobile today announced a new $10 Family Plan, plus it is now offering its customers double the data if they add a tablet to their Simple Choice smartphone plan. Here's how the tablet upgrade works, according to T-Mobile's press release:

"A customer with a Simple Choice smartphone plan with 5 GB of LTE data can add a tablet with another 5 GB of data set aside for use on that tablet, for just $10 per month. That’s a total of up to 10 GB of LTE data. And that’s all on top of the 200 MB of free LTE data every single month for the life of your tablet."

T-Mobile's Family Plan allows customers to add up to 10 lines for $10 per line. The new Family Plan will be available starting tomorrow, August 27th, and the tablet promotion will begin on September 3rd.

You can learn more about T-Mobile's data plans at

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