Free Puzzle Game Created by the iPad for the iPad

Cargo-Bot is being called the "first game programmed entirely on the iPad using Codea."

Codea has been called the "GarageBand of coding." The $10 app lets you create games and simulations right on your iPad, and the creators have decided to prove that it works by releasing Cargo-Bot for free in the Apple App Store.

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Cargo-Bot is not only an advertisement, but it proves that the iPad is more than an expensive Facebook machine by showing that it's capable of creating decent content. However, showing that your code editor works by using it yourself isn't really reassuring. Especially when you are trying to convince people to drop $10 on an app. At least iPad users get a free puzzle game out of the developer's attempt to prove that their pay app is a worthy investment.

Cargo-Bot features over 36 puzzles, Retina display graphics and offers the ability to record your solutions and share them on YouTube. The App is free in the iTunes App Store. It's only compatible with the iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Codea has received decent reviews from critics and users, and has even received a few awards (see official description). The app is only compatible with the iPad and also requires iOS 5.0 or higher to work.

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