IPad 2 Jailbreak: It's Been Far Too Long

Comex, who has been teasing us with an iPad 2 jailbreak for over two-weeks now, updated Jailbreakme.com with a message that reads, "It's been far too long, no seriously."

Last week Comex tweeted that he is "working on both the iPad 2 jailbreak and lots of other exciting projects" before posting a long explanation via Twitlonger. The famed userland jailbreak hacker also said he missed his own deadline, and that the "leaked" July 17 iPad 2 jailbreak release date is untrue.


In an only somewhat-related matter, Musclenerd recently tweeted advising the freedom to downgrade iOS devices currently provided by saving SHSH blobs would soon come to an end. He added that Apple is becoming much "smarter" with the APTicket.

Take the time to read up on the coming changes, and back up your SHSH blobs, just in case.

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