iPad 3 Could Feature Dual OLED Backlights

Apple is looking to improve display technology on its next generation iPad, and we're not just talking about a Retina display resolution. A patent filed by Apple in the first half of 2010 reveals designs for dual OLED backlights, as reported by Patently Apple. The diagram below shows a cross section of the OLED backlight layers.

iPad 3 dual OLED display backlight patent

Part of what makes this technology so impressive is its simplicity. Current LCD displays have multiple layers requiring more thickness, and as has been seen in the past on the iPad and iPhone, they can be prone to manufacturing problems. Light leaks and yellow discoloration have been reported on some defective units.

The patent illustrates that Apple plans to use OLED (organic light emitting diode) backlights that are bonded to the back of an LCD display. This would help prevent contamination or other defects in light quality, and make the display stronger. With a thinner display layer, Apple would be free to make the iPad 3 chassis and glass thinner for a lighter and smaller form factor.

Not only this, but the OLED backlight could share information with the LCD display. This could make it possible to improve the picture and reduce power consumption, by sending greyscale information to the backlight as well as the LCD for example. Dual OLED backlights would also increase overall screen brightness, which would be required if Apple doubles display resolution on the iPad 3.

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