iPad Dead Pixel Test: How To

Though it comes as no surprise, we've gotten emails from a number of readers who received an iPad with dead pixels and we've read about many more around the web. This comes with the territory, dead and stuck pixels are a reality of LCD technology. Different manufacturers have different policies on what constitutes an unacceptable number of dead or stuck pixels, and thus at what point the product in question is exchanged as defective. So where does Apple stand on the iPad?

Apple has no definitive guidelines on what they consider an egregious number of dead or stuck pixels on any of their products. However, Apple has traditionally been very fair and balanced when it comes to warranty exchanging their products due to customer complaints about dead or stuck pixels -- especially in the case of the iPhone. Chances are, the iPad is no different.

So how do you check to see if your iPad has dead or stuck pixels? We've put together an altogether un-fancy, but terribly simple way to check your iPad for dead or stuck pixels.


  1. If you're not already, view this page on your iPad
  2. Tap and hold each of the images above and select "Save Image"
  3. Open Photos from your iPad's home screen and scroll down to find the colored images
  4. View each image full screen (the images are large enough to fill your iPad screen without zooming). The contrast provided by each color should allow you to see any dead or stuck pixels.

We find this method to be better than the in-browser dead pixel tests we've found as it allows you to investigate all areas of the iPad screen, whereas the in-browser pages leave part of the screen hidden by the browser bar (even with rotation).

Of course, the vast majority of iPad owners won't experience any such issues. Apple has, overall, a very robust quality control which prevents most LCDs with pixel issues from ever hitting the street. Still, as mentioned above, we've already heard from and read about customers who picked up or received iPads with dead pixels, including one MacRumors.com forum member for whom Apple swapped out four consecutive iPad because of dead or stuck pixels. Regardless of Apple's historical good will on the issue, however, LCD pixel issues are best detected and handled early in the product's life span.

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