iPad Hacked to Run New Operating System

Well it's the moment you might have been waiting for... an intrepid programmer has hacked the open-source Chrome based operating system Chromium to run on an iPad. That's right, no iOS 3.2.2 firmware here. This appears to be the first time the iPad has been hacked to run an entirely new operating system.

Apple iPad Hacked for new OS

Hexxeh posted a photo and video of his hybrid creation on the web. Chrome OS and iOS 4.2 are sure to battle in the coming months when both are released to the public. Apple headquarters must be horrified that Hexxeh has created a working version of the iPad running Google's competing OS.

Needless to say, running iOS on this iPad now requires a full restore. No dual-boot capability quite yet. In fact, Hexxeh warns iPad fans not to get too excited, stating that he'll "dash your hopes later, there are a few catches." Details of the procedure and the catches have yet to be revealed.

Google's Chrome OS is geared toward web apps and minimal hardware requirements. It's likely that although Hexxeh is able to tweet from his hacked iPad that several iOS features are completely unusable. Still, this experiment has gained much attention from iPad (and Chromium) fans everywhere.

Hackers made news previously when they successfully installed the Android OS onto an iPhone. There are also themes to make Android smartphones appear to be running Apple's iOS. Maybe the grass is always greener on the other side.

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