iPad Insurance and Extended iPad Warranties: Get Some

Depending on how you look at it, the "must have" iPad accessory might just be supplemental warranty or insurance protection. Not just something to extend AppleCare, but something that offers the kind of coverage that AppleCare doesn't. This means protection against accidents such as drops, spills and other mishaps and/or protection against theft. Enter third party iPad warranty and insurance policies.

broken ipad screen

We've spent a good bit of effort lately introducing these peace-of-mind factories to our readers lately. We first introduced products from two companies, SquareTrade and Worth Ave. Group, in the announcement for our iPad Accessory-A-Day-Giveaway. We followed up last week with detailed overviews/reviews of the offerings from each of these companies, highlighting some of the pros and cons of each.

If you haven't already done your homework on supplemental coverage for your iPad, you need to. Even if you don't actually end up acquiring additional protection for your new tablet, it remains wise to understand what type of coverage is available.

We're putting these independent warranty and insurance policies front and center again, and this time for a whole week. As part of our aforementioned April iPad Accessory-A-Day Giveaway, we're giving away policies from SquareTrade and Worth Ave Group every day this week. This is your chance to grab what may prove to be the most important iPad accessory you'll buy without, well ... without buying it.

To enter, head to the contest page.

To read the reviews/overviews, visit the Squaretrade iPad Warranty Review or the Worth Ave. Group iPad Insurance Review.

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