modulR iPad Case System: A First Look (Lots of Photos)

We've been awaiting the arrival of the modulR case system since we first featured it back in late March. modulR is an innovative case system that allows a single iPad case to be used with a variety of accessories to achieve a number of different functions. Coupled with its accessories, the modulR case can function as an iPad stand, an iPad wall mount, an iPad swivel arm mount, and an iPad car mount (though the accessory providing the latter two features aren't yet available).

modulr ipad case system 3a

modulR arrived in our offices late last week, and a busy weekend prevented us from getting a first look until this morning. That said, we got to spend a bit of time with the modulR case, the modulR Quick Stand, and the modulR Slim Mount this morning. We've put together a quick first look for those of you who also have had your interest piqued by the modulR system.

Below you'll find a 15+ photos of the modulR case and its accessories (with more possibly to come). We've included a variety of angles and close-ups, to hopefully give you a good idea of what the folks at modulR have put together, in advance of our detailed review.

modulr ipad case system 3
iPad in modulR case, seen from front.

So far, there are things about modulR we like, and things we don't, but we remain excited about the possibilities and eagerly await the modulR Swing Arm to complete the big picture. Right now, modulR is offering a starter package that includes everything seen below for $99 (only one Quick Stand, though, you'll see 2 in the pictures below). We've yet to see anything come along that offers the amount of functionality you can get from this system for the current price tag.

Much more to come in our detailed review, coming soon. If you'd like to see more photos (coming soon) of the modulR system, ask questions, or discuss the case and accessories -- head to our current forum thread on the modulR system.

Official site:

modulr ipad case system 1
iPad in modulR Case with box pictured.
modulr ipad case system 2
modulR Case with front cover on and box.
modulr ipad case system 4
iPad in modulR Case, cover detached.
modulr ipad case system 5
modulR Case in silver Quick Stand, Quick Stand in orange also pictured.
modulr ipad case system 6
Another view of the modulR case sitting in the Quick Stand.
modulr ipad case system 7
A rear view of the modulR case in the Quick Stand.
modulr ipad case system 8
modulR Slim Mount box and mount itself.
modulr ipad case system 9
iPad in modulR case, next to modulR Slim Mount.
modulr ipad case system 10
A crude idea of how the Slim Mount mounts to the wall.
modulr ipad case system 11
A view of the modulR case clicked into the Slim Mount.
modulr ipad case system 12
A closeup of modulR's nodes.
modulr ipad case system 13
Another view of the modulR nodes and case.
modulr ipad case system 14
Rotation toggle access.
modulr ipad case system 15
Speaker and microphone access.
modulr ipad case system 17
Microphone port access.

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