New Tweak "OS Experience" Promises a True Multitasking Experience on the iPad

Developer Evan Swick has released a demo video previewing his new jailbreak tweak called OS Experience. The official YouTube description promises a "true multitasking experience" on the iPad.

Swick noted that the video features a few "UI glitches/laggniness," but promises they won't be there in the final release. When asked via Twitter how much OS Experience will cost, Swick answered, "I’ll price it fairly, not high". However, some users are so excited about the tweak that they have suggested he charge a higher price when it hits Cydia.

Swick also tweeted that the tweak will be available in a week or two and that it is still "technically a beta".

You can follow @e_swick or @TheiPadGuide for future updates on the progress of OS Experience.

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