New Video Allegedly Shows Partially Assembled iPad 5

More alleged iPad 5 parts have leaked online in a new video posted by Mac Otakara. The video supposedly shows a partially assembled iPad 5. We've previously seen leaked images of the rumored next-generation iPad's back panel, but this is the first time anyone has seen it assembled with the front panel. The back panel in the video also features a different looking Apple logo than the previously leaked images.

Apple is expected to announce the fifth-generation iPad along with the iPhone 5S and rumored low-cost iPhone 5C next month. Previous rumors also suggest that Apple could launch a non-Retina iPad mini 2, followed by a Retina display version in early 2014.

Mac Otakara also posted a video showing the alleged rear shell and front bezel of the iPhone 5C. The low-cost iPhone first popped up in July after an image of its packaging was leaked online. It is unknown if the iPhone 5C is an actual planned Apple product, a prototype, or Apple hoax. However, that hasn't stopped some accessory makers from already accepting pre-orders for iPhone 5C cases.

iOS fans can expect many more next-generation leaks as we get closer to a full refresh of all Apple products.

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