Next Generation iPad 2S Previewed at CES?

Sounds like those expecting a complete redesign of the iPad in the next generation hardware will be disappointed according to a new report. Apparently iLounge was lucky enough to get their hands on a prototype iPad, and the name iPad 2S is more appropriate than iPad 3 considering the profile of the device.

iPad 2S side view

According to the report, the next iPad is barely thicker than the current iPad 2 model, to the tune of one millimeter. The only visible change to the hardware is a larger rear camera, which resembles that of the iPhone 4S. This includes a silver ring around the camera lens.

iLounge sources revealed the leaked device behind the scenes at the CES 2012 show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This iPad was described as being at least six months old, which means it could be a prototype device that Apple has changed in the meantime. Regardless, the hardware points to a slightly changed iPad, not a complete redesign.

The writers did point out that any change in screen size or resolution was not directly observed, however the mystery iPad appeared to be similar to the iPad 2. It's possible that a higher resolution screen has made its way into the next generation iPad, which means Apple could name the device iPad 2HD. Similarities between the iPhone 4S upgrade from the iPhone 4 have lead some to believe that iPad 2S would be the preferred moniker.

Either way, it sounds like the next iPad will keep a similar profile to the iPad 2. The extra millimeter of thickness might lend some credence to previous reports of a thicker iPad design. More recent leaks from the supply chain in Asia point towards Apple using a new Sharp IGZO display, which could improve resolution and brightness without necessarily increasing the thickness of the tablet computer. Whatever Apple announces in the coming months, we can be sure that the next iPad will pack some interesting, albeit incremental changes to the current design.

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